natodrol question

  1. natodrol question

    would 6-bromo be a good pct?

  2. Quote Originally Posted by bpchampion View Post
    would 6-bromo be a good pct?
    I personally am not a huge fan of 6-bromo only PCT's.

    Most users experience very little shutdown with Natadrol, so if you are in that group then lighter PCT options may suffice.

    Both Formadrol XL and T-911 are both just $5 more on NutraPlanet than plain 6-bromo, so I can't see any reason not to chose them!

    Also they have a much more comprehensive formulation than 6-bromo solo for a PCT that should not only provide better recovery if you are shut down at all, but also numerous users have reported continued strength gains during their PCT with these products.

  3. I'm with ZB. Not a fan of 6-bromo at all. If you like it, and have it on hand, then go for it, but I believe there are better options out there.

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