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    Ok took my first dose today before my back/bis workout. I did not make my usual PreWO drink as I wanted to test it, so I left out the ingredients that I already use. I took 1 scoop, 1 hour before my WO along with 2 OEP/RC/1 GTE 500mg and 2 Prime. I felt everything I normally do after about 30 min. No different effect from the ASGT. I then took another scoop along with some BCAA's and mixed a glass of the same to sip during my WO.

    I then began to feel an intense rage building up inside me. I soon was slaying dead lifts with such intensity that I soon was Berserker naked and pulling raw 20 rep DLS with a good amount of weight(supposed to be speed day haha) then DLS from a block which I also killed. I was not even close to being fried yet so I drop setted 1 armed rows 205-105, and then drop setted pull-ups, bw+50 pounds-bw.Pumpage.
    My normally brave biceps were cowering now. I tried to get them to man up but they told me "No, you Viking bastard, you have raped and pillaged us for the last time!". To which I replied "No guys it's kewl, I just want to talk to you...hey whats that?!!" and with their backs turned it was raping and pillaging time again.
    Now I can barely move my arms and my lats/back is still pumped and I still have energy...I may go and do abs still...
    So here we go. 3 scoops+my other stuff = good times. I will add in my regular dosage into the new PreWO shake and see how it goes next time. Til Ragnarok!

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    AS-GT is seriously no joke my friend! awesome feedback

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