Ghenerate w/ 1-gh1

  1. Ghenerate w/ 1-gh1

    Would this be a good thing to stack w/ PCT for a prohormone cycle? I'm a couple of days into PCT from Tren Liquavade (primordial performance) w/ a couple pumps of the 1t-Tren topical.

    I ordered Natadrol thinking it was a test-booster and was planning to use it in my PCT, but have read that it requires a PCT itself, so I'm thinking it'll need to wait. (I did read in a couple of places prior to purchase that no pct was needed, so that's why I figured it would be a good addition to PCT) I tend to lose some of my gains from prohormones after finishing a cycle, so I want something that will help me keep them while allowing the nuts to get back to where they need to be.

  2. yes you can add it in

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