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back from gym, one word about this product.


for me, it was basically a waste of a workout, energy dropped out after 45minutes, felt lethargic and overall crappy. Glad i bought this on the cheap tip while on sale, or i would be VERY pissed off.
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gotcha, i may hang in there. The other LG products i use have all been great.
Seriously, you need to give it time..im sure you had poor workouts before, we all do.., AS is a pre work out supplement that enhances so much, the pSarms which enhance test production..this doesn't happen over night..also how many scoops are you dosing? I'm dosing 2 1/2 right now, about 30 Min's pre, and find that to be the sweet spot!..

But in all honestly you have to give it a try,..heck people dose Superdrol and don't feel anything the first few days, that isn't to say the product sucks. Stay in the race, and you'll be glad you did!