Question for LG reps

  1. Question for LG reps

    LG reps,

    I am 32 180 9% Bf.

    I am just finishing up a cycle of Trifecta and had a question about PCT. I want to take the Formadrol and T911 together for 4 weeks. Cannon seems to be the only guy around that has tried this before. Most others say to save the T911 for a solo run but I really want to ge the most out of my PCT. What dosing schedule would you follow?

    I also purchased some Post Cycle Support when I bought the Trifecta, thinking its better safe than sorry. Would it be Ok/safe to take the Formadrol, T911 and PCS for PCT? I know this might be overkill but what the hell, right. Your thoughts?

  2. Do like Irish said before. Take doses daily of the T911 and 2 caps of Formadrol in the eve.

  3. IMO, your not going to make drastic changes if dosing both for PCT, almost like an overkill.. Formadrol is really nice standalone!.. If I had both I would save the T-911 and run it after, it'll give you another awesome run..

    Doing it this way gives you way more bang for the buck

    for the PCS, you'll be fine taking it..nothing wrong at all with doing that..

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