TRIFECTA - Should I?

  1. TRIFECTA - Not sure? READ THIS!

    Fellaz. I just completed the 'Trifecta Stack'. I've had some pretty amazing results.

    Please take some time to read my log if you are 'on the fence' about trying the product out.

    Recomping with LG's Trifecta! (NON-SPON)

    If you dont care to read through 10+ pages, the outcome was a 25.5lb bodyweight loss, 5.1% loss in BF and I'm still strong as when I started. I think the product speaks for itself.

    Just FYI and Good luck!

  2. This is great Flex!..thanks for the review & Posting this up here

  3. My pleasure. I expected good things and got great things in return. The feeling is mutual.

  4. Flex, now try a few bottles of NATADROL... and log it

  5. How was the strength gains?
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  6. Quote Originally Posted by FlexW99 View Post
    My pleasure. I expected good things and got great things in return. The feeling is mutual.
    Im just on the fence to jump in myself, hehe.
    Just wondering , how did you dose the m1d and the mm?? and what masterdrol version you got? the melt tabs??


  7. Muscl3s, I'll be trying Natadrol later this year. I see some good bros getting good results.

    Judgement, I maintained all my strength and even increased in some lifts. Volume also went up. My diet was a recomp so I was on limited cals and still am. If you were bulking, I'm sure you'd get greater gains for sure.

    Shinivan, I dosed as directed. M1D, 4 pills per day for 7 days, then bumped to 5 for weeks 2-4. MM was V3, the melt tabs, did different variations, 1-1-2, 2-1-1, etc.

  8. Thanks for the link man and well done on your success!

  9. Great job bro!!!!! I've been so busy lately haven't been able to follow daily. I'm really happy for you. Keep it goin bro!!!

    LG Sciences

  10. Nice results. I'm going to be starting Stanodrol (MMV clone) with M1D shortly so hopefully I get similar results.

  11. I can't believe I missed the log. I've been on the fence for a while about trying the trifecta for a recomp, this def. made my choice a ton easier.

  12. Thx War, The M1D made me feel great and the MM definitely gave me a few extra gears.

    Gonzo, I'm glad the 'real-world' results can make a decision easier for someone to reach their own goals. Any questions let me know!

    BigK, no problem big diggity. You'll just have watch my new log, coming to a forum near you! Good to you see you.

  13. Bumpin for new peeps to take a look at.

  14. No need to bump, Im repping your thread to everyone hahaha

  15. Quote Originally Posted by Liftergym33 View Post
    No need to bump, Im repping your thread to everyone hahaha
    Good to hear. Its only just begun. 7 weeks down, 9-10 more to go.


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