Anadraulic state alternative usage!?

  1. Anadraulic state alternative usage!?

    Hello LG!

    Last night I tried AS for the first time, the old version. To be honest the taste made it really hard for me to drink, and along with that it made me pretty sick.

    I will soon be going into PCT and would like to use AS, but as it kinda ruins my workout due to the nauseousness I was wondering if I could just drink it along with a big meal in the morning?

    I'm not bashing your product, I'm just an individual who is having a bad reaction of drinking it pre-WO.

  2. I am taking AS as well. Start off with one scoop 40 min before workouts. The nausea will actually go away as you get used to the product. I wouldn't take it with a meal. Its a great product but the taste is pretty rough.

  3. Would taking it with food dimish the effects?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by AtomicFox View Post
    Would taking it with food dimish the effects?
    , dosing it with food will make the absorption slower yes, and diminish the effects, depending on how much food and what your taking in... if your dosing one scoop, dose a 1/2 scoop pre, and a 1/2 scoop intra this should help...

    Seriously be on the look out for the New AS-GT..taste is beyond anything!

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