Ghenerate + I-GH-1

  1. Ghenerate + I-GH-1


    What is the proper way to dose these together?

    I know Ghenerate is 7 sprays twice a day (once pre-wo, once pre-bed).
    How much I-GH-1 should I take w/ each dose?

    As a frame of reference, I am a 6'0, 205 lb male.

    Thank you!

  2. Hey brother id change the GHenerate to 6 sprays 2x a day. Also with the IGH-1 i cant remember the exact dosing on the bottle, but id go with 3-4 caps before bed and you should be golden.
    E-Pharm Rep... PM me with any questions or concerns

  3. I know LG had said to use it twice a day combined but to reduce the I-GH1 dose. Can you ask him? Thanks!

  4. Bump to this. How many I-GH-1 should we be taking w/ Ghenerate?

    Also, how many ml is 6 sprays? What is the dosage supposed to be?

  5. Bump damn it!

  6. I have been taking 3 I-GH-1 in the moring w/ 6 sprays of Ghenerate. This is my pre-workout dose.

    I have been taking 2 I-GH-1 pre-bed w/ 6 sprays of Ghenerate. This is my nighttime dose.

    Am I doing it right ?

  7. I get all of my dosing in during the day as the night time dosing was giving me really bad insomia.

  8. Monk,

    Not sure how i didnt see this, but you are correct the dose should be kept low.. I would remove your I-GH-1 Dose pre work out, its not needed..this is per Legal Gear also...

    Dose 2 I-GH-1 per night, with your 6 sprays of GHenerate prior to sleep......
    and your correct, 6 spays is 1ml..., which is the recommend dosage.. 2x a day

    Now keep in mind dosing both together, will change up your only dose the GH M-F, not on the weekends..but continue to dose the I-GH-1, 7 days a week

    you can always PM us anytime

  9. I currently use 8 sprays Ghenerate with 4 1-GH-1 before bed. I'd like to use Ghenerate before workout, but I use Perfect Carb and Lipotropic about 45mins before workout and Anadraulic Pump immediatley before.

    LG Sciences

  10. Sounds god LG!

    Why do you not want any I-GH-1 pre-workout? Wouldn't the ingredients be useful?


  11. Bump for answers

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Urban Monk View Post
    Sounds god LG!

    Why do you not want any I-GH-1 pre-workout? Wouldn't the ingredients be useful?

    one of the main reasons for dosing I-GH-1 alongside GHenerate is to keep prolactin down if any comes to light, this is why LG recommends a low dose, can you take it along side GH pre work out? yes, you sure can and thats up to you..

  13. Ghenerate + BULK 1-carboxy-2-amino- 3-pyrobenzol (3,4 diol) ?


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