LG Sciences Trifecta Stack

  1. LG Sciences Trifecta Stack

    Note: I posted this in the Supplements section but was advised to post it in here for more responses.

    I've been looking into the Trifecta Stack from LG Sciences and doing tons of research on it. I've never taken anything hormonal, only natural stuff like Prime, TestoPro, and HGHUp, among other things. It seems like the Trifecta would be a good first cycle to do, given that it's very mild, has the PCT included, and doesn't require support during it for liver / blood pressure / etc. (if I'm wrong on any of this please let me know). Throughout my research, I've seens tons of opinions ranging from one extreme to the other - some say it's a waste of money, while others say it's great and they made very nice gains with it. It seems like some of the dislike for it is because it is such a mild product and not a true prohormone. I don't have unrealistic expectations for it - it isn't Superdrol / H-Drol / etc. and I don't expect to put on 15-20 pounds with it. Gaining five to seven pounds of lean muscle while dropping a few pounds of body fat would be great.

    In this thread, I'd just like to hear the opinions (good, bad, or whatever) of anyone knowlegable about the product who would like to contribute. If you had a good or bad experience with it, observations on side effects, if more PCT is needed, if there is a better first cycle to ease into, whatever, just share it. Thanks in advance.

  2. Wow man me and you are in the exact same boat. I too am looking at this stack and am considering getting it. I have the same exact questions you have so if anyone would be willing to answer the questions posted above you would be killing two birds with one stone. Also i would like to know that if I where to get it do i need to buy two Trifecta stacks? I just finished reading "LOG: CC is on his way to the land of the lard" and it was absolutely amazing and very convincing to get on this stack.

  3. Buy the stack. Check my log below! I'm losing weight by the day while maintaining all my strength and even going up in certain lifts. Volume is up, recovry is up, feeling of well-being up; I have NO sides.

    Good luck with your decision.

  4. I'm trying to hold back here., But the Trifecta stacks is hands down one of the best beginner stacks anyone could buy.. I still run it from time to time, just because of the strength gains, and I still make gains off of it..

    Diet dictates which way you go while on cycle with this..

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