Couple questions about Ghenerate

  1. Couple questions about Ghenerate

    I just got 2 bottles of Ghenerate and IGH-1. I was planning on running it as it says on the bottle, but I was wondering if I could still take my ZMA at night? I always do and was wondering if it would mess any with the Ghenerate or IGH-1. Also I am using NOS Ether right now and want to make sure that they will work fine together. Any help is welcomed! Thanks

  2. You will be fine taking the zma and ghenerate. The main items to avoid while taking Ghenerate are carbs and fats during the time that Ghenerate is stimulating a GH pulse. This is mainly about one hour prior(really 2 or more if possible) and one half to one hour after taking the sprays.


  3. Certainly let us know how you get on with Ghenerate man

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