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  1. I loved the GHen/Igh1 combo, I just finished up and have a pretty detailed thread up for anyone looking for personal experience. Thanks LG! Huge gains

  2. I've been using GHenerate for a few days now and love it so far.. Feel really refreshed when I wake up and dreams are awesome, very vivid and erotic

  3. Received my GHenerate yesterday along with Sub Sterone. Dosed GHenerate about a 1/2 hr before bed along with SS. Woke up refreshed and ready to go to the gym. I don't go to the gym in the mornings because I feel sluggish, except for today. Dosed 6 sprays of GHenerate about 15 mins b4 workout. Did 1 serving (2 droppers 1/3 full) of SS upon waking. I felt strong, and eager to do a total body workout. I did legs and shoulders and threw in some failure sets of Bi's/tri's. Pumps hurt!!!!!!!!!! Other supps... ASGT, Anadraulic Pump.
    Is everyone in agreement about GH and ASGT not being as effective together?

  4. ive never used asgt but I can vouch for GHen. its a great supp. as you can see I posted above a few months ago. two weeks ago I just started another cycle. great stuff.

  5. I have been using GHenerate off and on for 2yrs. I feel it works best with 5 days on 2 days off for 3-6months. I myslelf prefer taking 3 sprays in the morning 3 before training and 6 at bedtime. If I took to much like I tried double the dose. 12 sprays on non training days I was a little tired. I love it with a great mass or cutting prohormone cycle. it stacks with anything and its a great price. Try it with Rezolution and IGH1. or Methy1D,Nata,MMv3. or just by itself.

  6. sorry to bump an old thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Irish Cannon View Post
    You should be using the 1-C in conjunction with the GHenerate. Using them together aids in preventing your system from building a tolerance to the GHenerate. - Use a 5 on / 2 off protocol for best results.
    what is 1-c?

    Quote Originally Posted by rara View Post
    I used 2 bottles and so did my training partner. In the end we both felt that the product did little to nothing for our bodies. The best gh releasers I have used (and still do) are GHB and if you cant get it Secretagoge one BY MHP. In fact with the latter after 2 or 3 days I can take 20 to 30 seconds off my mile time when running.It inreases cardiac output significantly. fat loss is noticable around week 6 to 8 but quite noticable. My 89 yearold father has been on it for years and gets up once per night instead of 5x to pee. he is also raking leaves in the yard, etc. when he first started he even got some hair color back.hope this helps.
    Anyone else have any comments on secretagoge?

  7. soo whats the optimum dose?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by y0lked View Post
    soo whats the optimum dose?
    I do we'll following the label.

  9. I have ingested two bottles of this stuff already, and I love it. Extremely effective for deep sleep and recovery. Great dreams on this stuff.

  10. A long time since someone posted in this tread so I give it a go :-)

    Been on GHenerate for a week now and already noticed increased pumps if taken it pre-workout (1ml).

    About the night time dosage:
    If I take 6 pumps (1ml) before bed I wake up during the night and sleep very light, feel physical rested but not mentally.
    Combine it with melatonine and I still wake up during night but it's easier to fall asleep again.
    Take 3 pump (0.5ml) during bed time I sleep better than the full dose but still a bit uneasy.
    Going to try and avoid the bed time dose to see how it feels.
    I am by nature a very heavy sleeper but "sleep aids" usually ruins it for me. Mucuna Pruriens as an example is out of the question for me as I feel mentally hyped by it. GHenerate also have an slight hyping effect for me and that beneficial pre-workout.

    Thought about dosing it Pre-Workout (1ml) and then post-workout (0.5-1ml) with some EAA and 30 min later protein and carbs?
    Or maybe ease up the dosage from 0.5ml 2x day to 1ml 2x day after 2 weeks?

  11. I don't think I every took it pre-workout that I can remember, have to try that. Thanks for the info...
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  12. Quote Originally Posted by DreamWeaver View Post
    I don't think I every took it pre-workout that I can remember, have to try that. Thanks for the info...
    Recall from somewhere that taking HGH is benefitial to counteract cortisol.
    Cortisol would be high in the morning and before noon.
    My dosing will be 1ml morning and 1ml pre-workout or on off days before lunch at 12:00.
    The pre-workout dose really pumps me up good, no PWO needed here :-)

    Will be running my bulking kit 4weeks with Epi-Andro starting Monday, a bit nervous actually :-)
    And of course GHenerate will be added to enhance HGH :-)

    Morning: 7:00
    GHenerate (1ml)
    M1D-Andro (1.3ml)
    M1D-Andro (1tab)

    2h Later:
    Epi-Andro (1.3ml)
    1-Andro (2ml) (Off days)

    1-Andro (2ml)
    GHenerate (1ml)

    Before Lunch:
    M1D-Andro (1tab)
    GHenerate (1ml) (Off days)

    Afternoon (16:00-17:00)
    M1D-Andro (1.3ml)
    Epi-Andro (1.3ml)

    Evening (19:30-20:00)
    1-Andro (2ml)
    M1D-Andro (1tab)

    Bedtime (22:00-22:30)
    M1D-Andro (1.3ml)
    Epi-Andro (1.3ml)

    Will have about 20-30 min between dosage on liquids to fully absorb them. Tablets I tabe 10min before food with some omega 3 or mct oil.
    Training on cycle will be high volume after 4 weeks I will drop volume and go for the heavy weight to maintain gains.

  13. Yah now I am recalling something about that now that you mention it.
    LG Sciences sponsored athlete
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