No LG stock at NP

  1. No LG stock at NP

    I wanted to place an order at NP for some LG products but NP doesnt have the ones I want! I was going to order BCAA as well as some T911 and was considering AS but they are ALL out of stock. Just wondering when I can order some from NP?

  2. yea....wattup wit dat???????

  3. Well, my partner has been trying to get them to relist our stuff for a while now. So, let's hope it is soon.

  4. Why wouldn't they relist them? I know for a fact people buy them.

  5. Agree, but everything can be found on our site

  6. No clue, even bodybuilding has them up

  7. Quote Originally Posted by LegalGear View Post
    No clue, even bodybuilding has them up
    Yeah is weird man! Hopefully soon!

  8. very strange. my local vitaminshoppe had pulled all lg supps off the shelves. i ran in to one of their employees at my gym, I pulled him aside, we talked about lg being compliant on all levels and within two days he had them back on the shelves.

    LG Sciences

  9. Will the new under the tounge M1D and MMV3 will be available ?

  10. Quote Originally Posted by alvin1 View Post
    Will the new under the tounge M1D and MMV3 will be available ?
    Yes...., in time im sure..Im going to get with Steveoph about this..


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