Had a great shoulders workout. Really nothing heavy but a great pump and tons of energy. Hit 2 MMXL and my normal pre and intra dink of BC+EAA and Perfect Carb. Really cannot speak enough good about this combo. You will tear the gym up with it!

Was getting into my second exercise, standing DB side laterals, when I noticed this guy walk in. I pretty much know almost all the regulars at night and this was not one of them. Guy has on all black workout gear, black hat, sunglasses(mind you it's about 9pm) and has a dyed blond goti with a black strip down the middle.

I though that guy looks like Big Papa Pump! Well it was! Dude was real low key and quite. I approached him as he was in between sets and told him I was an old fan and asked for a picture when he was done. No problem he said. I trained my ass off after that, lol.