t-911 question

  1. t-911 question

    does anyone get a numb throat from t-911? when i take it its effects my throat for a few houres and i dont seem to like the feeling.

    Also could i just swallow it rather than letting it desolve under my tounge? or will it loose its effect?

  2. anyone? reps?

  3. never got a numb throat but sumtimes my tongue gets tingly but i wouldnt swallow it try breakin it up alittle and it may absorb alittle faster and that may help avoid the numbness.
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  4. Try possibly splitting the tablet in half and putting it between ur cheeks and ur gums to see if that helps at all. Let us know how it goes!
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  5. i will try to when i w.o today. what does putting it in your cheeks do compared to swallowing it? doesn't it just dissolve and you swallow it w/ your spit?

  6. The whole reason it's sublingual is so the active ingredients are absorbed through the underside of your tongue. That way, the AI has direct access to your bloodstream without having to be digested. It increases bioavailability and therefore efficacy.

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  7. I always break mine into about 4 little pieces and this really speeds dissolve time and I really have never had issue with throat numbness, have had a little under the tongue though so I do know what you are talking about.

  8. what ai is in t-911? is it only the reversitol?

  9. Quote Originally Posted by qwerty33 View Post
    what ai is in t-911? is it only the reversitol?
    Um, no. Reversitol is a resveratrol product made by I-Force. Resveratrol is in T-911 as well, but it does not have any major AI abilities.

    2-phenyl-dibenzyl-benzopyran-4-one is the AI.
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  10. reseveratrol is also a great anti ageing supp and has serm properties

  11. very true. the numbness could have been from post nasal drip.


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