My Once and Future Strength Part II: LG Sciences' Updated T-911

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    Before I begin, I have to express my gratitude to LG Sciences as a company. I've ran several logs before for them, including testing the first T-911, and am very excited to be testing the updated version.

    In my past experiences with their products, I have really only found minor flaws here and there, usually with first edition flavors that have long since been updated. Even when I am not using a product they have given me, LG Sciences retains a presence in my supplement cabinet BC+EAA, Anadraulic State, and at least 1 bottle of T-911 can typically be found in there. Not to mention the Peanut Lipotrophic Stash I've got hidden away thanks to LifterGym33!

    T-911: LG's first edition was, imo, the last word on AI's. I consistently gained large amounts of strength whenever using it. Now, in the update, rather than Androsterone, it contains some crazy phenol with an unpronouncable name. If any of you have read the books that Matt (LegalGear) has availabe on his website, then you know he thinks VERY highly of androsterone, so for him to replace it with another compound speaks of the confidence he has in this new aromatase inhibitor.
    With the support complex of yohimbe, resveratrol and luteolin left unchanged and a new, supposedly more potent main active, I have very high hopes for the coming weeks.


    I'm 6'4, weighed in at 242 this morning. I'm carb cycling, with two high carb (300g) days, two medial carb (200g) days, and 3 low carb days (100g) per week. Lifting days are never low carb and have 3400-3600cals, recovery days have 3000cals. I thank DreamWeaver for his input and expertise in helping me decide how to layout this diet.

    I'm coming back from an injury. Won't go into details as I'm sure my friends on here are tired to hell of hearing about it, so I won't bore you further.

    My routines are primarily full body. For this month, I will be employing some priciples of DC training, but not strictly adhering to Dante's teachings, as there are just some things I don't agree with. For example I've incorporated rest-pause deadlifts on and off in my routines for years. I think they're awesome. I will be lifting 3 or 4 days per week, at my discretion and as my recovery permits. I'm in grad school and it's fairly stressful right now, so if I need an extra day off to breath, I will take it!

    3 T-911 on lifting days, 2 on recovery days: I will experiment with different dose timing and report it here
    Pre-workout Shake: 60g CHO, 50g WPI, 3scp GlycerGrow, 1scp Anadraulic State
    Intra-workoout Shake: 15g CHO, 20g Hydrolysate, 10g Leucine, 2scp GlycerGrow
    Post-workout Shake: 50g WPI, 5g Creatine Mono
    3 Anabolic Pump: Pre-workout, Post-workout, Post-workout Meal
    9g Fish Oil
    2g Curcumin
    2g Cloves

    I popped a T-911 first thing this morning, I'll have another right before lifting. Today is squat day first time I have done widowmakers in a LONG time. I'm looking forward to it!
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    ***NOW @ NP***

  2. Lead off sub...
    Loved the old version!! Can't wait to see how they made it better. Oh yeah, I will be doing my widowmaker today as [email protected]#$%^&*()
    Always open light. Its not what you open with, its what you finish with. Louie Simmons

  3. Hey - good to see ya sir! I have no doubt your widowmakers put my efforts today to shame. Ah, well, I'll get there.

    Today's Workout:
    I've been enjoying a "journal" style entry the last couple of weeks, rather than just a list of numbers, so that's what I'll stick with for the time being.

    I started with squats. Warmed up with some jump squats and a couple of light singles, followed by 3x5 with 315. Couldn't use the power rack as it was occupied, so I was stuck in the other, funky, squat rack. It didn't feel right. Those sets were finished off with a supramaximal hold of 315 for 10sec followed immediately by the dreaded widowmaker. I started conservatively and used 225. More than anything, it was hard on my lungs - will hopefully see a steep increase in this quickly.

    Next, I hit flat DB Press for a rest-pause set. 100x10 +4 +1.5 I fought with all I had for that last rep, but couldn't quite get it. Anyboy remember when Volcom hit 100x23? Yeah. He weighs like 50lb less than me.

    DB Rows: 100x10 +5 +3 Easy. Definitely up these next time I do them. Fluid motion, excellent control all the way up and down, terrific stretch at the bottom. Really feelin' it now, even if it was a bit light.

    I took a break from the intensity with DC-style Leg-Press Calves: 360x10 w/5sec ecc and 10sec stretch-point pause. OUCH. I intend to work up to 15 reps of these horrible, horrible things before increasing weight. BW was doing these with me and complained quite a bit!

    Incline Hammer Curls: 60x10 +4 +2 DC training classifies these as a forearm movement. I'm sorry, but that's just narrow-sighted. Yeah, they worked my forearm flexors, sure, but I walked away feeling a lot more stimulation in my upper arm than anywhere else!

    I closed out the workout with some DB Flies: 60x10 +5 +2 My chest needed some extra lovin'. I realize this breaks another DC rule, but I don't care - I'm not training DC style, just using a rest pause technique and widowmakers. And, with as long as my arms are, my pecs really benefit from flies I'm finding.

    T-911: 2 tabs in. So far, tons of bright, cheery energy. People in my lab even commented on how happy and energetic I am. Strength felt up, but time will provide the real answers there. Increase in libido has yet to kick in

    Here's to a great log!
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    ***NOW @ NP***

  4. Subbed! Awesome stack and awesome line up!

  5. awww yaaaa!

  6. In my fellow texan!

  7. you cannot escape me

    volcom did 100x23 humm flat db bench, its ON, ill try and beat that next db day thats a lot lol

  8. Good to see everybody! This is stacking up to be an awesome run!

    I've got to go do some lab work, but I'll get an "off-day" update in later.

    Ny - I wish you luck in your DB endeavors man!
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  9. Ok, brain is fried. I'm learning how to use radioactivity to end-label RNA. Pretty cool stuff, but mentally taxing. Not to mention the two protein kinetics and thermodynamics lectures I've had today.

    Surprisingly, I'm still going strong though. I've got studying to do when I get home, but not much, and though I'm fatigued, I'm far from physically exhausted. I plan on taking BW for a walk tonight, before enjoying a few episodes of The Office, Season 5.

    Little tightness muscularly - a bit in the back, chest and quads, but very definitely in a good way. I feel very ready to lift. That was always a big factor on the first version of T-911: amazing recovery. I hope this trend continues. Tomorrow, I do RDLs for the first time since tearing my oblique.
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  10. "Gift baskets are the essence of class and fanciness." - Michael Scott

  11. My favorite thing so far has been Jim training Dwight with Altoids like Pavlov's Dogs. I laughed way too hard for my own good.

    On the subject of TV, I have ceased to enjoy Family Guy for the most part. I don't know if I've "matured" or what, but it's just kinda dumb. Thank God I still enjoy Arrested Development and South Park.

    As a weird unrelated sidenote, I learned that crocodiles' eyes contain lactose dehydrogenase. Why the hell do their EYES contain an enzyme that normally resides in the gut? Furthermore, it makes me really want to go chuck some milk in a croc's eyes and see what happens! (from a safe distance of course.)
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  12. Family Guy hasn't been that good recently, that's all. The new shows have been weak.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by Irish Cannon View Post
    Family Guy hasn't been that good recently, that's all. The new shows have been weak.
    True. It is sad to see a once great comedy go down the tubes.

    So, As planned, I did RDLs today for the first time since early June. Unsurprisingly, the grip of my Olympic Stance was my limiting factor. Happily, there was no hip pain whatsoever (I really seemed to have healed up entirely). After a thorough warmup and a 10sec supramaximal hold of 415,
    I did a rest pause set: 365 x7+4+3+1. The only reason I couldn't hit ten before resting was my grip. Intensity felt low on my legs, but my upper back definitely was workin' like mad. Considering how long it has been since I last performed this movement, I am very pleased.

    Weighted Chins. I had planned on doing Dips next, to give my back a bit of a breather, but some obese man greedily clung to the dipping bench for like 20min and did a total of 3sets in that time. So I did chins: BW+35 x10+5+3 Not bad. Not great.

    DB Curls. So, still waiting for the dip bars, I decided to finish off my pulls for the day. 50 x10+4+2

    Dips. BW+50 x10+5+3 Will be increasing these next time. It was hard, but not nearly as hard as I think it should have been.

    Smith Shoulder Press. Sucky. It just felt unnatural - I was trying to modulate my cns fatigue by using the smith rather than free bar. But it just hurt. 135 x10+6+3 Not heavy enough, just a lot of torque on my shoulders. Will be changing this for some other movement, definitely.

    T-911: Deadlifts were heavier today than I anticipated. Even if I was only able to hit 7reps before resting, I still count that as better than it would have been without T-911. Furthermore, I'm not burnt out at the end of lifting. This is a big factor - without any stims post-workout, I'm able to return to the lab and crank out some good work there, even after intense training. Woot.

    Regarding DC training, could someone establish for me the benefit and basis of DC "extreme stretching?" The technique, as I've read, seems less than scientifically sound - based off a test study conducted on birds, and without proper training to actually know how to "stretch fascia," which is a freaking hard and specific thing to do.
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  14. I think the idea is to increase the bloodflow to the area, thus stretching the fascia and loading the muscle with nutrients.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by Irish Cannon View Post
    I think the idea is to increase the bloodflow to the area, thus stretching the fascia and loading the muscle with nutrients.
    Yeah, I got that part. I just don't see the proof that that's doing what Dante says it does. Just stretching a muscle until it hurts isn't fascia stretching.

    I don't know... I may give it a try, just to see how it goes, but I'm not convinced that it is essential to progress with this style of training.
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    ***NOW @ NP***

  16. I forgot to add wth yesterday's update that I did some weighted hanging leg raises. Strapped my ankles into 20lb of a cable stack, cgrabbed the pull-up bar overhead and banged out a couple of sets. Seemed easy at the time, but my abs are feeling it today!

    I was on the LG Sciences site, is Ghenerate not out for sale yet? I cant guarantee I'd buy it right off the bat. but I at least wanted to see what it's price was like.
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    ***NOW @ NP***

  17. So, I put a question to all you fine young gents - I've been maintaining weight since my last cut/recomp that ended in late July, and am planning on returning to a ketogenic diet for a while. The question that I cannot decide on, however, is whether I should recomp again and lose even more BF% (I'm sitting at about 10%), or boost my cals and see if I can't gain some lean mass?
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  18. GHenerate is not for sale yet, but the price is going to be about $25. - And we'll be doing a pre-sale.

  19. Quote Originally Posted by Irish Cannon View Post
    GHenerate is not for sale yet, but the price is going to be about $25. - And we'll be doing a pre-sale.
    That is a damn cheap price!!

  20. Nice! I've always appreciated the affordability of LG. I'll have to plan me a T-911/GHenerate stack down the road...
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  21. Libido has officially skyrocketed. Kicked in last night. Woo
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  22. Quote Originally Posted by Resolve View Post
    Libido has officially skyrocketed. Kicked in last night. Woo

  23. Ok, 5days in on T-911. Today's workout was TOUGH. I re-learned a very important lesson:

    Pre-Workout Glycobol + Me = Hypoglycemia Intra-Workout.

    BW has a bottle of Gly, and since we had a planned cheat meal this morning, I popped a couple of them in preparation. Big mistake. By the time we got to the gym, even with AS and my pre-workout shake, I was feeling lethargic and weak. I thought my squats were going to kill me.

    Again, I had to use the squat rack and not the power rack, because some guy was using the power rack to do behind-the-neck presses supersetted with deadlifts. With the same load. 95lbs. For deadlifts. For sets of 6. With an ROM on the presses that never even got behind his head. I almost disemboweled him, but then took it out on my squats instead.

    Took my time with a good warmup, stretched my hips and used box squats to reinforce my form and ROM. Worked up to 315 for 6, kicked the box away, did another set of 315, rested for a few minutes and hit up a Widowmaker with 245. Form held strong through 16reps, but then really started to deteriorate. I was so freaking disappointed with how heavy these felt today. No more glycobol for me - I remember now why I stopped using it. :/

    On the plus side, both my bench and rows increased in weight. DB Bench: 105 x10 +3 +3 DB Row: 105 x10 +6 +4 I was really pushing on these - mad about my squats and determined to improve more in at least something. I loved it. I was nauseous and dripping sweat after these, which were done back to back with little rest, and getting just a bit of demented satisfaction over how hard I was trying in comparison to the people around me.

    Next came calves - I used the same load and format as last time, 405 with 5sec ecc and 10sec pause but this time I made 11 reps, mainly by sheer determination. Huzzah.

    Closed out with machine flies: 220x10 +8 +6 with a 30sec stretch at the end, followed by Volcom Curls: 80 for 3x10 w/3sec ecc. I stretched my arms and my quads thoroughly, just to test out that aspect of DC training, and I was done.

    Another result of my Glycobol misadventure: I locked the key to my locker inside my locker. Yeah, I get very absent-minded when my blood sugar is low. And I now have a bruise on my chest from bracing the bolt cutters against it when cutting the lock off. Sigh...good times...

    T-911: So, as I mentioned before, libido is feeling high and mighty - not unbelievably high as yet, still manageable, but we shall see if that changes. At first I was blaming T-911 for the difficulty I was having with my squats, wondering why the hell it wasn't helping, but then BW reminded me of the Glycobol, and it's known effects on me. However, even though it was harder than it should have been, I made progress: +20lb on my widowmaker, +5lb per side on bench and rows, and +1rep on calf raises. Not bad for 5days of use.
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    ***NOW @ NP***

  24. things look solid! the extreme stretches were always interesting to me as well dude, id love to see some of the science behind the cause and purpose of this

    i did dc a while ago, loved it, but hit walls maybe ill try it again sometime, but my current routine is just helping greatly, but i still really want to do single muscle groups almost but feel that once a week wont cut it? etc etc idk

  25. Awesome workout, all things considered! - Going hypo during squats is no fun. I've been there many times.


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