Trauma1's: E-911 Review

  1. Trauma1's: E-911 Review

    Let me preface this by saying that i've been impressed with just about every LG Sciences product i've used to date. E-911 certainly continues this trend. I picked it up about a month ago to give it a try.

    E-911 REVIEW:

    Taste (8/10): It has a nice little mint kick to it. This factor is far from important though, but i thought i'd touch on it anyway.

    Onset Of Effect (9/10): This was probably the most impressive aspect of this product, and I love the delivery method utilized. Even with my first dose, I noticed an effect within 5-10 minutes of applying under my tongue. I've tested this against some of the most sleep deprived states in the last few weeks, and it's gotten the job done everytime. This is the type of product you can rely on for a quick boost when you need it. Impressive!

    Overall Stim/Energy Effect (9/10): Again, very impressive overall. This is a very clean type energy effect; no jittery/anxiety-based aspects what-so-ever in my experiences. I absolutely love the mind-muscle connection this gives me while training.

    Duration Of Effect (8/10): Overall, this lasts a good 4-6 hours for me. I like that aspect as it allows for strategic dosing patterns during the day. Nice job here!

    Overall Impression (9/10): I honestly couldn't be happier with this product. I've been using it now for a solid 2 weeks, and love the effects it gives me. I'm starting back to school as of tomorrow as well (while working full-time as an RN, and have a child on the way in November), so my daily schedule is about as crazy as it can get; with sleep deprivation abroad. I'm going to be relying on this product in the coming months to get me through some tough humps. Thanks for yet another GREAT product, LG Sciences! I'm currently using your "Perfect Carb" product as well. I'll have that review up for you guys next week.

    Recommendation: Very High!

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  2. nice try giving some to the red sox... serious, thanks bro..

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Liftergym33 View Post
    nice try giving some to the red sox... serious, thanks bro..
    KILLER review man! thanks for taking the time! Agreed as well on all points!

  4. Thanks for the solid review, John. Shall be interesting how this compares with RPM

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  5. I think they are really in a different market...

  6. Im going to be making my purchase soon. I should have taken advantage of it during that sale but damn those bills!!!!

  7. "no jittery/anxiety-based aspects what-so-ever in my experiences. "

    this means the world to me. Good to know. good review. thanks trauma


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