e911 and liver

  1. e911 and liver

    Seeing as an energy product was recently recalled due to liver damage is E911 hard on the liver? I am looking for an energy product but am now a little nervous. I did take a natty energy product (containing guarana, yerba mate and green tea) but to be honest, it did nothing for me.

  2. It was the HCA, which is not a stimulant, that's supposedly what caused it.
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  3. Also, I wouldn't call 21 people over 6 years an issue. That one really does baffle me... I heard that they sold an estimated 9 million bottles of hydroxycut per year so, that would be roughly 40-50 million bottles sold I estimate.

    Either way, the supposed "bad guy" was HCA which is still in many other products and of course not in E-911

  4. If HCA is the culprit, why do some companies still include it in their products? If not for the potential health risks then why not take it out to prevent legal complications? While I agree that 21 people in many million sold tablets is not a large ratio, it really should be 0or make it a prescribed weight loss medication. Just my 2 cents. It may be the case (and it probably is) that people abuse the product.

  5. How many from tylenol in the same time i wonder

  6. Quote Originally Posted by EasyEJL View Post
    How many from tylenol in the same time i wonder
    Way more than HCA.

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