Hi Gang...

    On Monday, I ordered the Trifecta Stack which came with a bottle of I-GH-1 as well. Yesterday (Wednesday) it was sitting on my doorstep! Man, now THAT is fast shipping and good customer service.

    so I decided that Saturday, July 4th, will be MY Independence Day!

    I turn 47 later this month. Like many others, I have made far too many New Year's Eve resolutions with all heart felt intentions on makng them stick, only to be side-lined by a permanent injury or massive amounts of hours at work. No one ever goes into this wanting to quit or wanting to fail.

    By Saturday evening, I wil post my history here so that ther is a record of progress and so we have a fresh starting point.

    Now I am NOT a gym junkie as much as I would like to be. I have forced myself to set up my old shop, which was to become my future bunkhouse once renovated, into a modest little amateur gym.

    I have a Weider weight system with multi-stations which includes bench press with incline/decline bench, squat rack, dip bars, lat pull down, flyes, pull up bar, hanging holders to do hanging leg raise ab work. A 45lb olympic style bar and about 300 pounds of weights. I do not have dumbbells but I am looking for some locally that someone may be selling.

    I have a Weider decline ab board.

    A healthrider aerobic machine

    A Century WAVE punching/kicking bag (from my old martial arts days)

    and a plethora of martial arts sparring gear for training.

    I have had this equipment gathering dust for a long time in my pole barn...so out it comes. Since I cannot make it to the gym back in town (I live out in the country) I brought the gym to me as best as I could. My bunkhouse gym is approx 50 yards from the main house.

    I have always been a very hard gainer. Skinny kid all my life. Smallest and lightest guy in my old Ranger Unit (1980 - 1984) . But had lots off hand and leg speed. When I tured 40 I found that I was putting on weight which I did like, but then found it hard for me to take off.

    Back in '93 ( if I remember right) I was living in Dallas and was on the freeway doing 70 and was rear-ended by a drunk driver. Screwed my back up. Now, years later, and always dealing with a permanent injury, I have serious degenerative discs in my lumbar. They are almost completely gone. This makes a lot of things difficult. I still ride my horses bareback and still train and teach in martial arts as much as possible. However, I cannot take any real weight pressing directly down on my spine such as squats, military presses, etc. I can do them but embarrasingly I cannot use any significant weight at all. So this will be a challenge.

    I am soft with little muscle tone. I have some excessive weight around my middle. How will I use the equipment that I have, work through and around my restrictions, and still stay focused and determined to make progress...? We shall see.

    This Saturday, July 4th, I will post my personal demographics and all my lift weights (Hey, remember now, no laughing!!!)

    It will be a great test to see if used properly, will LG Sciences Trifecta Stack and I-GH-1 along with only a protein powder and no other prohormones or supplements, adn good meals will promote body change and progress in a VERY AVERAGE MIDDLE-AGED MAN.

    Okay LG Reps...are you as up to this challenge as I am?


  2. What's up Gonzo?

    I'm so happy to see you decided to run the stack too! Feel free to stop back over to my thread if you've got any questions or anything!

    I'll be subscribing to the thread!

    Good luck!


  3. Very cool....I will be watching your thread

    HEY LG GANG....

    Please give me a correct stack dose on thebest way to take these four supplements.


    GONZO !!!

  4. Hey man,

    What did the Trifecta stack include? The new sublingual tabs or the older red pills in the bottles?

  5. OKay...so here goes all the good, bad and ugly for the first day...

    I am keeping a notebook log of everything tha I do so in the end, when the stack is gone, I can sum it all up.

    FIrst off...according to directions we are supposed to take 6 tabs per day of the Methyl 1-D and 3 caps per day of the Methyl Masterdrol. So I decided to take 2 Methyl 1-d and 1 Masterdrol in the morning...the same combo with my lunch time meal nad the same combo late afternoon 1 hour pre-workout. If you guys know a better way to stack this, please let me know. I am unsure as to when to take the I-GH-1 in combination with this stack. Any suggestions?

    okay, I am 46 years old and 6'0" 205 lbs (as of this morning)
    soft around the middle with some fat stored in my midsection.
    Always considered to be a very hard gainer (until I got old!)

    Again, due to the car accident I have severe disc degeneration in my lower lumbararea which means that I have a lot of difficulty with weight bearing directly down on my spine. Even though I am going to find ways to gt the proper muscles exercised, I thought I would work through a little of that restriction during this trial (but with caution).

    Today I decided to see what I could safely handle with my current physical condition and my back.

    Barebell weighs 45 lbs, so all weight given will always include the 45 lbs plus whatever remaining weight it takes to add up to teh total weight given. Make sense? Also, I did at least two sets of each exercise with little to no weight (barbell only) to get muscles warmed up. These numbers reflect my max weight and max rep.

    DAY 1 - July 6

    Flat Bench Press 150 lbs X 8 max reps

    Dips - bodyweight X 6 reps (did three more but used the toes of one foot as a cheater)

    Flyes - bodyweight X 10 (done on my TotalGm Apparatus)

    Military Press - 65 lbs X 10 (very difficult for me)

    Lateral Raises - 10 lbs X 10


    Decline Sit Ups 3 sets of 20 reps

    Flat Bench Leg Raises 3 sets of 20 reps

    About this time, my lower lumbar really started to get tight and I could feel a "shifting" going on. Usually this is followed by a pinched nerve and my muscles knotting up and taking the curve out of my lumbar which in turn causes my hips to roll out of place and lock until the muscles eventually let go. Over the years I have come to know this feeling so I always know when either to back off slightly or quit.

    I figured this was a good place to be for the first day...next workout will be back and biceps with ab work...followed by leg work on day three and then rest...

    Well...here we go...first day jitters determined to try to work through this.

    If I can make it through this stack with some decent progress, then any healthy person can as well.

    I am open to any, AND ALL, suggestions. Again, I am no gym junkie and I am going to work with the equiment that I have here, because my schedule doesnt allow me much else.


    GONZO !!!

    (Mr. Average Joe )

  6. good to see you decided to make this change i'm sure it will work great for you keep it up

  7. Excellent work bro, keep logging it and post your numbers up here, even diet, it will keep you honest

  8. WEEK 1 - DAY 2

    Yesterday (Tuesday July 7) I decided to work biceps and back. Again, nothign major, just getting my body used to lifting and exercising. My chest is sore from Day 1 exercises. I dont mind a little soreness. It means I did SOMETHING.

    So after two quick warm up sets with very ittle weight, this is what i ended up with:

    Barbell Curls 8 reps X 65 lbs

    Preacher Curls 6 reps X 55 lbs

    Had to opt for preacher curls because I dont have dumbells yet and had to get in another bicep exercise.

    Lat Pull Downs 6 reps X 90 lbs

    Seated Rowing 6 reps X 90 lbs

    Had to be really careful with the seated rowing because as I let the weight go back and I stretch / lengthen my back I dont want to spark off the nerve and set my back injury to giving me pain. So I was careful, but I did get through it.

    Flat Bench Leg Raises 3 sets X 20 reps

    Decline Sit Ups 3 sets X 20 reps

    after workout ate a grilled chicken breast, mixed bean vegetables. About an hour before bedtime finished off with a protein powder drink mixed with 1% milk.

    By morning my back was a little tight but nothing major. Glad for that. My Biceps are SORE...but not where i am unable to function or work. For a littl ewhile after workout they seemed to have stayed a little fuller than usual. I have no real muscle tone so when my arms get a pump, it is noticeable (for however long it stays). This gave me some encouragement because even though my arms have no real tone or muscle, for a few moments i saw what it was like to have a "fuller" arm. Is this directly attributed to the LG gear or just a great pump? Maybe both. I dont know. Dont care. I'm psyched.

    I should have taken measurements before I started so we can compare at the end of the cycle. It's still early so I may do that yet.

    Today ( Wednesday July 8) is supposed to be leg day. This will create several problems...due to not being able to sustain weight compression on my spine, Squats are out...or at least with any real weight. I am going to play aorund with doing squats with just the barbell (45 lbs) and perhaps go for more higher reps. I was thinking about trying more like a hack squat type of exercise with the barbell and see if that makes any diff in how my spine feels. If it does, then I am home free. I can hold 45 lb plates in each hand and perform deep lunges. So I'll work through some exercises and find what I am able to perform while still getting a workout for th emuscle group and yet, keeping my back safe.

    then its a full day of rest before starting again...I am stoked! It's going to be a long day at work today <ugh>

    Until tonight...

    GONZO !!!

  9. Alright...Mr. Average middle-aged joe back for another post... LOL

    Yesterday (Wednesday July 8) I decided to go ahead and try squats...I was very apprehensive because of my back so I went for a warm up set with just the barbell (45 lbs). I took it slow and easy and made sure that I tried to maintain perfect form. First set wasn't too bad so I did a second set with just the bar. Again 12 reps in perfect form. Felt a small twinge in my back but nothng that I usually dont feel so I decided to start adding some weight. When it was all said and done I was really tight in my lower lumbar area but did not feel too bad.

    Squats - 10 reps X 75 lbs X 2 sets in good form

    Leg Extensions - 10 reps X 115 lbs with some nice burn

    Lunges - 60 reps (30 each leg) holding barbell (45lbs)

    Flat Bench Leg raises - 3 sets X 20 reps

    Decline Sit Ups - 3 sets X 20 reps

    Let me say this...Yesterday was my third workout day but my fourth day on the supplements. Yesterday I felt "different" all day. Not bad, mind you. Not great either. But there was definately something "different". I thought differently, moved a little differently. It seemed like I was needing to go a bit faster all day at work. Like a small constant surge all day. Supplement driven? Perhaps. I mean I had this small energy buzz all day. At one point, during my last twenty minutesd of lunch, I sat outside in the sun and just closed my eyes and tried to rest. As soon as I sat down at my desk, and I got focused, I became VERY focused and the buzz was back. I was really churning it out yesterday. Again, not a bad thing. Just feeling different. I am curious to see if I feel "different" again today.

    I am taking the supplements split evenly throughout my day as best as I can. Since I am not sure as to the correct stacking dosages (see my other thread as to the confusing directions given with my stack) I am taking the following:

    7:00 AM
    2 - Methy 1-D
    1 - Methyl Masterdrol
    2 I-GH-1

    2 - Methy 1-D
    1 - Methyl Masterdrol
    2 I-GH-1

    2 - Methy 1-D
    1 - Methyl Masterdrol
    2 I-GH-1

    NOTE: on a down side...and I am not sure this is supplement related but my sleep pattern has gone to crap! I wake up at 4:45 am every morning to start my day. My sleep is important because I only get 6 hours of sleep a night. Lately, I am only sleeping an hour at a time and then lie awake fro 30 mins or more and then wake up an hour later, etc.,e tc....this happens all night long.

    Could this be a result of the supplements? Should I stack differently or at different times?

    Looking forward to getting this first week overwith and getting my body back into the groove. Next week we will begin to see what we can acheive.

    Until tomorrow....

    GONZO !!!

  10. looking great so far, im in..maybe post up some pics, to show progress and the end, plus it'll make you work harder

  11. Yesterday, Thursday July 9th....

    Okay so it was back to the Chest, tri and delts day (along with abs of course)

    two things different today!

    1) while my flat bench stayed the same as far as weight goes, I was able to push the reps out with a little more ease and when i reaches my last posted max weight, I was able to pump out 3 more reps with just a littl eextra effort. Now this may not be anythng for you iron boys, but for this ol man, that is a sign of gained strength. 3 more reps means that I am ready to start steppin gup the weight a few more pounds on the next Chest/Tri/Delt day! I didnt do it yesterday. I wanted to enjoy what I was feeling and get my body ready for the step up come next week. So in the end, I stayed at my last max weight but pumped out 3 extra reps and did one extra set!!!

    2) Remember i was really worrid about military presses because of the severe back injury? It's to the point where i almost dread doing presses. So I warm up with two easy sets of just the barbell...next thign I know i am at my maxed weight on the presses and I get TWO more reps with just a little effort! Can this be happening?! Two differnt exerices I am able to push 2-3 more reps with barely a groan or moan...? Again, not wantint to go overboard just yet, I stayed at the maxed weight but was able to pull of those two extra reps and another set!

    Flyes were about the same (maybe a little easier)

    Dips were about the same (these are hard for me anyway)

    Tricep curls were about the same

    Okay...starting to get psyched and pumped here. I mean, for me to pump out 2-3 extra reps and then say "Hell, let's grab the bar and do another set" is amazing for me.

    Ab work consisted of flat bench leg raises 3 sets X 20 reps
    Decline sit ups 3 sets X 20 reps. ( decline sit ups getting easier time to step these up to)

    the only thing is that I feel like I am not losing around my gut...if I could lose an inch or so I was extremely stoked,,,this is my trouble area ....but it will get there....

    so i am stoked.....tonight is biceps and back and abs and then two days rest....

    warm up week is over...so next week i plan to start stepping up the pressure ....cant wait!

    GONZO !!!

  12. Could be the yohimbine in the masterdrol. Try taking those prior to 4pm if you can..

  13. Okay...WTF are you guys waiting for?!!!! Could this be all psychological or is it because of the Trifecta Stack?!!! Maybe both? Dont know....dont care....go buy this stuff...NOW!!


    Okay...so I go to do biceps and back today...

    Right off the back I am feeling pretty good on curls...by the end of my sets, I added 10 pounds to my barbell curl X 6 reps!!! Albeit the last one was a grunt and groan but I got there all the way to the top and my arms was pumped HARD.

    Precaher curls....same thing...10 pounds!!! Only got 4 reps but they were rock solid form.

    By this time my gangling arms are feeling tight and pumped and heavy...What the hell just happened, because I certainly could have done a little more but wanted to stay at put and end on positive results and leave something for week 2.

    I did my lat pull downs and rowing with no extra weight but the reps were more and they were smoother. Could have taken the weight up but I will wait until week 2.

    did my usual 3 sets X 20 reps of each decline sit ups and flat bench leg raises. Even though I am still a little doughy around the middle, these were too easy. Time to add more reps and a new ab exercise in week 2.

    For S**ts and giggles, since I am feeling all pumped up, I decide to do a couple of quick sets of flat bench presses.no, it is no chest day, but I dont care...and I was right...over 4 sets, I added a total 15 pounds over my previous lift!!! The last 2 reps of the last set were killers but I got it there. SO I added 15lbs and did 4 reps fairly clean.

    Now I know when you gusy look up at my last posted weights and then see I added 15 pounds you are going to think it is no big accomplishment. I dont care. I know I am nowhere in your leagues in lifting. Thats not my thing. but for me, 15 pounds X 6 reps...heck, let's back that down..10 pounds 6 reps with just only a little effort is amazing and it just shot my confidence over the moon!! I was so stoked that had I gone out onto the jiu-jitsu mat, I would have tapped everyone there...I was just THAT hyped over the progress.

    Now my weight hasnt changed. I am still hovering at the 203 mark...maybe down a pound or two...still a little soft in the middle but I think I see some ab progress. ALthough I would like to lose this the fastest, I know slow and steady will win out. I can work through this until I get the six pack. NO biggie.

    Well gentlemen....WTF are you waiting for?!!!! My return to the UFC?! LOL this stuff is good....hell, in the end, it may turn out to be great....we'll see....week one is at an end...tomorrow is rest and relaxation. My 9 year old granddaughter is here and we are going on a long bike ride together and tonight is our usual saturday night jiujitsu sparring session. She is stunningly beautiful and a killer on the mat!

    By the way....took the stack down to 4 Methyl 1-D instead of 6 per day and the headaches seem to have left me. Confusion between thebox label and the paper insert as to what to take, so I took a suggestion and VIOLA headaches gone.

    See you guys on Monday

    GONZO !!!

    Delphi, Indiana

    w (dot) lessismorehorse (dot) com

  14. By the time week 3 rolls around, you'll REALLY start to see the leaning effects of this stuff.

    You're only a week in, and it does nothing but get better from there man!

    Good luck!

  15. Hey guys- I just started the stack also last week- Im on week 2 8th day-

    Started with 4 Md1 and 4 MM perday for week 1
    Week 2 started 6 Md-1 and 4MM perday

    My testicles feel sore! Is this normal? have you experienced this?


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