Question about t911 as PCT

  1. Question Question about t911 as PCT

    I recently ran a 4 week cycle of MMV2 and M1d and have just started week 3 of my PCT using t911 (I intend to do 4). I experienced a little bit of shutdown (boys shrunk a little bit) from the cycle and am wondering if I can stack something (perhaps formadrol) with the t911 to reverse the shutdown. I have not seen the reverse that I was hoping for by using just the t911, taking the recommended dose of 2 per day. I did a considerable amount of reading before starting my cycle and I noticed that people were suggesting t911 as PCT or Formadrol....but not both. Is there something else that I need to be doing to reverse the shut down?

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    I personally dont think T911 is a good pct.

  3. Ok I could really use some help here. Like i said, I was 3 weeks out from my cycle and using T911 for PCT and i still have significant testicular atrophy. I could really use some advice as to how to bring the boys back to normal, if anyone could help with this. Is Formadrol the answer? Do I have any chance of reversing the atrophy if I start something this far out from my cycle? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  4. SERM, duh

  5. Quote Originally Posted by j rad View Post
    SERM, duh
    SERM might help yes

  6. Just give it some time! You might need something stronger, since everyone is different, but T-911 is pretty damn potent for PCT...


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