methyl-1-D XL in Australia is different?

  1. methyl-1-D XL in Australia is different?

    So I was looking at Methyl 1-D on Australian stores and here's the ingredient info on them:

    PH complex

    Hibiscus rosa sinensis, Hibiscus (5:1 extract) : 100 mg. --
    Angelica pubescens (Standardized for osthole) : 50 mg. --

    Test Metabolism Complex

    Zingiber officinale (extra standardized 10:1 extract) 100 mg. --
    Rosaceae, Red Raspberry skin (Standardized to 40% Ellagic Acid) 50 mg. --
    Piper nigrum, Black Pepper (Standardized to 98% Piperine) 3 mg.

    Now here's the US one...

    Anabolic/Anti-Estrogen Complex:

    3-beta-hydroxyetioallocholan -5-ene-17-on

    3-beta-hydroxy-urs-12-en-28-oic acid

    3-beta-hydroxyetioallocholan -17-one 125 mg **
    Metabolism Complex (Patent Pending):

    Ellagic Acid Standardized


    Zinc Aspartate

    Coleus Forskolin Standardized

    Caprylic Acid (may contain: sodium caprylate, zinc caprylate, magnesium caprylate)

    Milk Thistle Standardized

    Stinging Nettle Root Extract

  2. So anyway, what's with the difference??.. is the one in Australia made less potent or something like that, or is it just to circumvent legality issues.

    Are they both still Pro-Hormonal?

  3. The australian one I don't think is pro-hormonal. It uses Cissus Ketosterones for strength (I think). From what I gather it's kind of an Anti-E with some zinc and long jack to raise test levels. I know they were different because Australia has tighter controls of supplemental substances like these. I'm just not exactly sure if my info is 100% correct. I'm sure an LG rep could explain it better than I could.

    The US version is DHEA with controlled pathways for conversion to test. This one is prohormonal.

  4. thanks man, I thought it would be something like that.

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