MMV3 (dissolve vs swallow)

  1. MMV3 (dissolve vs swallow)

    hello, I just started trifecta and truely can't stomach dissolving the mmv3. What is your opinion/experience in either swallowing the tabs whole OR perhaps grinding them and drinking with a shake? Thanks for your time.

  2. Gotta dissolve them to get the best effect!

  3. Thanks for the fast responce. Im sure thats how they were designed so of course dissolving will yeild best effect. I guess im just asking if anyone would advise AGAINST swallowing or dissolving them in water/shake. I simply can't palate dissolving 'em and i already have 'em so im not too worried about the best effect, just simply if its worth it to take them if im not going to dissolve in my mouth. Thanks again.

  4. Try between your cheek and run will have better flavor.

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