Lipoburn and ECA stack

  1. Lipoburn and ECA stack

    Im using Eca stack , is it safe to use with Lipoburn?

    The article below says not to mix them. I have a bottle and really want results for my upcoming show and would like to use it.

    I need some input if a LG member knows if it is safe. In my opinion right now its best i don't use it because if Im not sure of something I generally stay away.

    On the other hand, it is topical and would that be the same effect as oral Theophylline? thats the ingredient I'm concerned about.

    ive search pubmed and came up with some stuff. If a Legal Gear represative or the owner or inventor of this can help me outId be very grateful as Ive read caffiene and ephedrine can increase theophylline's side effects?

    Theophylline - Yahoo! Health
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    okay Ivee found out theophylline speeds up ephedrine a lot! I think Ill be okay as long as I keep dosing in moderation! If I notice anything Ill stop

    Thanks Legal Gear!
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