NcredibleBulk's LG Sciences Log: AS/M1DXL & MMV2

  1. NcredibleBulk's LG Sciences Log: AS/M1DXL & MMV2

    I really wished I would've started this log sooner, so that it'd be more legitimate and I'd be able to keep better tabs on my progress, but better late than never.

    The Supplementation

    About 3-4 weeks ago, I started taking Methyl 1-D XL. I take 6 caps ED; 3 caps twice daily. I stacked this alongside Anadraulic State from the get-go. I take 1 level scoop of AS mixed in 8 oz of water about 30 minutes prior to my workout. Some may believe this and some may not, but I've had a similar experience to that of another member here on AM. He claimed to have lost around a full inch of belly fat within a week or so. When I started this cycle, I couldn't fit into anything smaller than a 38 waist. I'm not proudly wearing a 36 waist. No lie! I was rather impressed and feel more confident. This is the first time I've ever gave LG Sciences a chance and I'm definitely a customer for life. They've delivered what they claimed and continue to deliver even more.

    This past week, I've decided to toss in some Methyl Masterdrol V2. I'm taking 4 caps ED; 2 caps twice daily. I usually take each dose of this along with my doses of M1DXL. I don't know if it's a placebo effect or not, but I was squatting 500 lbs @ 8 reps last week and am already squatting 525 lbs @ 6 reps. My strength and lean bulkiness has come steadily while on M1DXL. My strength, however, has been rapidly increasing ever since I started using MMV2. I've also been slowly becoming more vascular, toned, and solid/full.

    I will admit that I finished off my last few doses of 1-AD towards the beginning of the cycle since I was unable to purchase MMV2 at the time. I've also been finishing off the last few doses of my Leviathan Reloaded and Recreate, which I'm sure has contributed to my weight loss, but I believe that LG's products are the dominating factor here, including my diet and training regimen.

    I feel very alpha male-like almost all the time. I feel strong and a high sense of confidence. I don't know if increased amounts of testosterone can lure women, but some women are beginning to seem much more attracted to me. I'm always feeling pumped and full of energy. I get an 'itch,' sew to speak, to get into the gym and lift heavy. If I don't scratch that itch, then I end up driving myself crazy. At times, I seem a little more aggressive than I would at other times. I sweat like a madman. I have several erections popping up throughout the day and I'm constantly feeling the need for sex. Thankfully, I'm not currently in a relationship. But I have lady friends who are kindly willing to help satisfy me in that department.

    The Diet

    I've cheated a few times throughout this cycle so far. I felt like I was going to lose my mind! I've been able to resist junk food for the most part, but felt I deserved a nice cheat once in a while. I've been working very hard. The work is definitely paying off.

    I've been eating mostly clean. My diet has been consisting of whole eggs, egg whites, protein shakes, wheat germ, quionia (sp?), rolled oats/steel-cut oats, salad greens, assorted green vegetables, lean ground beef, salmon, tilapia, whole wheat bread/english muffins/bagels/etc., low-fat/fat-free milk, reduced fat/fat-free cheeses, etc. I'm sure you get the idea.

    I've been eliminating all enriched, bleached flour products from my diet. I haven't touched any soda, or other carbonated beverages in a couple of months. I drink mostly water, trying to consume at least 1 gallon per day. I drink AS before my workout, Universal Intra-Aid during my workout, and BSN Cell-Mass after my workout, including a Muscle Milk protein shake within an hour after that. I occasionally have a Gatorade, or Powerade, but the low calorie kind. I'm trying to cut off carbs sometime between 7-9pm ED, but it's been a difficult task. The only carbs I take in late are those found in my protein shake before bed.

    The Training/Split

    I mix and match my split. I started off with an exact split I was following, but ended up getting into my own routine that I felt comfortable with. If I work chest on Monday, then I won't do so again until probably Thursday or so. I work a couple muscle groups ED. I'll usually do about 10 minutes of cardio before each lifting session to help get my blood and juices flowing. Other days, I'll do about 30-45 minutes of cardio to try and melt away some of this belly fat. I don't do this much cardio until after I'm done lifting. I work on my abs maybe 4 or 5 days out of the week. I use the weighted ab crunch machine to do so. Currently pulling 115 lbs on it.

    I'm seeking to become much stronger and bigger/leaner during the next few weeks. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to ask questions about anything if you're curious.

  2. This would have been a great log to follow! glad you have a great run with it This is one of our best stacks to run, and then to through in AS with it is icing on the cake!

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