Ptazz12's Review on Methyl Masterdrol (Two Thumbs Up!)

  1. Ptazz12's Review on Methyl Masterdrol (Two Thumbs Up!)

    First off, one word comes to mind: phenomenal!

    Run: 5 week cycle

    Starting weight: 180 lbs
    Finishing weight: 197 lbs
    The Methyl Masterdrol helped build lean mass without unnecessary bulk! (*Note: As always, clean diet and proper supplement use maximizes this result!)

    Week 1: No immediate changes. I was "mentally" psyched to enter the gym, but who isn't when they start new supplements? Especially on a PH!

    Week 2: Workout drive is huge. On every set I felt that I was able to do more than the last, increasing the weight and increasing the reps. I had to push myself harder to failure. Progress photos showed a decrease in the stomach region and more definition in the pecs, abs, and arms. So far, the product speaks the truth, increases strength and lean mass.

    Week 3: Hello MMV2! Every day I walk into a gym, I perform pull-ups to failure. I first started in Week 1 barely making it to 5. During week 3, I was able to perform up to 15 pull ups! At this point I was weighing in at 195. **A 15 lb increase in weight!!!!**. Overall the drive was still there and the weights were increasing. I did notice that I was more fatigued during this week that the previous weeks.

    Week 4: Still feeling the fatigue, but pushed myself through the "hard-times" and made that walk to the gym. Strength is amazing and still increasing since Week 2. Performed dips this week, 2nd time since week 2. In week 2: I could only perform my body weight to 3x10 and would reach failure. This week, a weight belt + 45 lb plate were required to perform 3X10 to failure **Thanks MMV2 for that!**

    Week 5: Last week of cycle. Fatigue was still there. Finishing weight was at 197. Every lift still felt great, the strength was increasing. Photos taken: Chest, back, abdominal region, arms, legs, more defined that in week 2. This week I noticed that the joints in my arms/shoulders were sore as well as my wrists. I'm not a doctor or anything, but I'm guessing this is from the dramatic increase in strength throughout the cycle. Not a bad side effect! I'll take that with the good any day!

    Side effects: Ran into acne problems on the face and back around Week 2. Increased the banana intake to 2-4 per day and this decreased the acne issue. Felt fatigued from Week 3 on. Pain in joints (possibly from increase in weight used in gym)

    Straight up overall review: I would recommend this product to anyone who is interested in taking a PH. To me it is the "Perfect Spring-Time Supplement" to prepare those bodies for the future summer BBQs, pool parties, Beach outings... whatever! I say this because of the production of lean-mass. Not once throughout this cycle did I feel bloated! Plus, the increase in strength was great and consistent.

    Other cycle statistics:
    Additional supplements taken:
    Milk Thistle

    Chicken (2X a day)
    Oats and oats and oats and oats!! All day, everyday
    Bananas (between breakfast/lunch and lunch/dinner meals)
    Milk (especially when the joints were beginning to get sore
    Sweet potatoes

    Average 7 hours of sleep a night

    Workout Plan:
    4-5 days a week. Work out 2 days, take 1-2 days off. Schedule was inconsistent due to work and how the body was feeling.

    Hope you enjoyed this review! Let me know if there is anything else you would like to know. I am now starting the T-911/pSARM PCT stack. Stay Tuned!

  2. What was your dosage?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by lemke28 View Post
    What was your dosage?
    Lifting days: 3 caps per day
    Off Days: 2 Caps per day

  4. Very nice review man! And congrats on your progress

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  5. Nice review. Did you do a trifecta stack? What did you use for PCT?
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  6. very nice review, thanks for taking the time out to put this up 17 pounds is nuts!

  7. That's some insane progress with that dosage! Wow! You must have been eating a ton.

  8. Awesome review brother! Man your body loves methyl masterdrol! were the gains lean or are you softer looking that before. Either way awesome gains man!

  9. Thanks everyone! I'm glad that you like the review. I did not try the trifecta stack. Based on how well the MMV2 worked by itself, I just might have to give the trifecta a shot in a few months!

    I'm currently using the T-911 as a PCT. I attempted to stack it with the pSARM. After two days of tasting my lunch twice, I decided that the pSARM wasn't going to work. No problem though. So far the T-911 is doing well, the strength is still there!

    Quote Originally Posted by Craigmatthew View Post
    Awesome review brother! Man your body loves methyl masterdrol! were the gains lean or are you softer looking that before. Either way awesome gains man!
    The gains were very much lean. I could tell by the definition in my shoulders at the end of the cycle.

    I tried to keep the diet very, very clean. I would eat oats a lot in the morning/afternoon in between my meals. I'd even eat some more oats before I went to sleep, just to help keep the metabolism high.


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