MMV3 for 8 weeks?

  1. MMV3 for 8 weeks?

    So im currently cutting and in about another month or so ill be looking for "assistance" was looking at mmv2 but since v3 is out i figured id give it a go, so is 8 weeks pushing it i was thinking 4-5 a day , going to run it alone to help lean out an keep strength.

  2. ive seen some run it for 12weeks its not very harsh i think an 8week run is fine imo.
    but im sure a rep will clear it up for us also ive only had experience with mmv2.

  3. Thanks man, yeah ive seen a few logs using MMV2 at 6-8 weeks but i read the new version is stronger so just wondering if it would be a good idea. LG Reps?

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