Some friendly advice PLEASE.

  1. Some friendly advice PLEASE.

    I`m running a bottle of Dienedrone at the moment,i`m sure you`ll know this product,any way,what i would like to know is there a good LG products to run along side or after?

    I have heard that combining some products is extremely good for results.


  2. adding M1D would replicate a anabolic+androgen stack alongside your dien

    so M1D is your best choice
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  3. sorry, we only offer unfriendly advice here

    seriously, T-911 as part of your PCT. i'm in PCT from dienedrone/hdrol and i've had the easiest recovery i've ever had.

  4. Right i started the Methyl-1D yesterday along side my Dienedrone,this is going to be a good combo,i can feel it.

    Right,with my bottle of Methyl-1D i got the LG GH-1 which i`ll be taking before bed.

    I still have a bottle of 4-AD from the same company that does the Dienedrone,could i take this with the Dienedrone and Methyl-1D?

    I`m loving the feeling this combo is giving me,the Methyl-1D seems to have kicked in quick on top of the Dienedrone...I can`t get enough...Should i just leave it and stick with what i`m doing? Would taking the 4-AD be beneficial or not?

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