Formadrol running out/websites w/different ingredients

  1. Formadrol running out/websites w/different ingredients

    I've looked on 3 different websites looking to order Formadrol and I've found 3 different ingredient labels.

    Formadrol Extreme #1

    DIADZEIN 20 Mg N/A*

    Formadrol Extreme #2
    Anti-Estrogen Complex

    3a-Hydroxyetioallocholan-17-One 20mg **
    1, 4, 6 Etioallocholan-Dione 4.5mg **

    Formadrol extreme #3
    Anti-Aromatase Complex 27 mg **
    SERM Complex 178 mg **
    Ellagic Acid
    Ginger Extract (High Standardization)

    Which one should I look for? and why are these different?

    Oh and is the XL bottle the same thing only more pills?


  2. formula 3 is the current lot and has been around for a while

    we have simply upgraded the formula over the years

    xl simply means 135 rather than 90 caps, no formula difference
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