Formadrol Extreme

  1. Formadrol Extreme

    ok so i just got my formadrol extreme XL in the mail today, i am a little confused. When i purchased the product the ingredients read

    Anti Estrogen Complex
    3-Hydroxyetioallocholan-17-one 20mg
    1,4,6-etioallocholan-dione 4.5mg
    Diadzein 20mg

    but when i looked at the ingredients on the bottle i got today in the mail the ingredients read

    Anti-Aromatase Complex 27mg
    Serm Complex 178mg
    Ellagic Acid
    Ginger Extract(High Stadardization)

    Does this make a difference?

  2. you simply received an updated version of the product, it is as effective, if not more so than the other version.

    In my experience, the new version is the best yet!
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  3. Fer sure, thanks man.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by MikeDank19 View Post
    Fer sure, thanks man.
    Yeah new new formula looks better for sure. LEt us know how you find this product man

  5. will do



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