product idea...

  1. product idea...

    Have guys thought of taking AMS versin of 1AD and adding a methyl group... M1A??? Just throwing it out there. Everyone is always about new designers.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion man

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Craigmatthew View Post
    Thanks for the suggestion man
    If I had resources I would look into it... If it does comeout hope u get me a few bottles for the the idea LOL

  4. I mean I guys had M1a which was the -ol verson just need the -one verson.

  5. Thanks for the idea mate!

  6. What did happen to M1A? Did u guys just stop for legal reasons? Kinda the compound I am getting at... Except that was the -ol verson.

  7. I say bring it back!!!


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