does formadrol contain ATD

  1. does formadrol contain ATD

    hey guys.....does formadrol contain ATD?? it better than novedex xt ??

  2. that's a good question. yea it looks like that ATD. just worded differently. do not know if it's better though..............

  3. hmmm...yes it does seem like any1 sure of it??

  4. Yes, there is some ATD, but it's a low dose.

  5. 1, 4, 6 Etioallocholan-Dione (ATD) 4.5mg, like Irish said its a low dose.

  6. Very low dose. If you are wondering about it, because you have lost your libido, then you can count this out as the cause. Unless you are taking 20 caps a day

  7. Thanks guysa alot guys,...appreciate it...

  8. Quote Originally Posted by ppycrsm View Post
    Thanks guysa alot guys,...appreciate it...
    Anytime buddy


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