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    thinking about trying m1d but little worried about hair loss it says that dht is blocked how is this done? Anyone have any thinning while using? thanks.

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    thinking about trying m1d but little worried about hair loss it says that dht is blocked how is this done? Anyone have any thinning while using? thanks.
    No real need to worry about hair loos unless you are prone to MPB. As far as the DHT being blocked... That sounds like a question for our good friend Eric.

  3. I ran M1D for 5 weeks and increased dosage to 4/4 with no issues in shedding at all. Give it a go!
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  4. I never had a problem with hair loss...run it you'll love it

  5. Here is the info on M1D for you to read about in simple terms:

    Pro-hormones have been around since at least 1994 and although they have often been surrounded with some controversy, in the past 12 years new developments and understanding of how the body works has given us the ability to make today?s prohormones completely safe and effective without the problems associated with pro-hormones of the past.

    In the past pro-hormone products were often plagued with side effects like hairloss and increased estrogen, but LG Sciences has engineered a complete metabolism complex that blocks the negative effects of these routes of conversion and also increases the potency of these powerful pro-hormones making them active in the body. We will discuss how the Methyl Block technology in Methyl 1-D increases the effectiveness of our products and removes any negative side effects.

    The first major problem with old school pro-hormones is conversion to estrogen. Estrogen is not a good thing for men to increase and is a problem with many of the commercial testosterone boosters and even with HORMONE REPLACEMENT THERAPY that is commonly given to older men. Estrogen causes bloat and water retention along with increased fat accumulation in men. Methyl Block technology contains two ingredients proven to control estrogen. The first technology is an anti-aromatase agent called ATD which blocks the conversion of testosterone and other pro-hormones to estrogen. This is only part of the story though, since that conversion is important but is one aspect of estrogen control. The second anti-estrogen technology is available via a natural SERM called ellagic acid. Ellagic Acid is proven in the literature to be a natural SERM (Selective Estrogen Response Modifier). SERM?s block the effects of estrogen at the cellular level, running interference from the strong estrogens in the body. This compliments the anti-aromatase activity by blocking the activity of estrogen in the body at two levels. So, the first major negative issue with old school pro-hormones is eliminated with Methyl 1-D...goodbye estrogen!

    The second major issue with old school pro-hormones is hairloss associated with DHT conversion. DHT is the hormone that is responsible for prostate and hairloss issues in older men. Our pro-hormone products include 5aR blockers, which are shown in the scientific literature to block conversion from Testosterone to DHT thus keeping more testosterone active and stopping the issues seen with older pro-hormones. This is a major achievement for increasing the safety of prohormone products and reducing the negative side effects that stop people from using them! So, Methyl 1-D is better than any other product on the market for increasing size and strength without compromising the hairline!

    These ingredients work to block the negative side effects that cause concern when boosting testosterone levels above the normal human range, making Methyl 1-D the most advanced product for men looking to maximize testosterone levels safely. Now, we needed to make the product even MORE effective! There are major pathways that are used to clear extra hormones, which is exactly the opposite of what we want when taking a product meant to boost testosterone past normal levels achieved with other inferior products. The two major routes of metabolism are Sufation and Glucoronidation. Without becoming too techie, these two enzymes are responsible for clearing Testosterone and it?s precursors (pro-hormones) like Methyl 1-D from the body! Blocking these enzymes we can further increase the dramatic effect of our pro-hormones and boost the half life of Methyl 1-D. The metabolism complex includes standardized herbal extracts proven in the literature to block both glucoronidation and sulfation, vastly increasing half life of Methyl 1-D?s pro-hormones!

    The final icing on the cake is to increase (up regulate) a critical enzyme that is crucial for converting the pro-hormones in Methyl 1-D and Masterdrol into active Testosterone and Stanolone. This enzyme is 3bHSD which is what is responsible for turning inactive, but legal pro-hormones into the powerful muscle building agents (testosterone for Methyl 1-D and stanolone for Masterdrol) that occur in the body naturally. As you can see this is a very sophisticated combination of ingredients that are well studied and combined to make our pro-hormone products the safest and most effective muscle building agents on the market today.

  6. thanks for the responses the reason that i ask is because i ran a havoc cycle and had ok gains but it did cause my hairline to recede also while i was running cycle scalp would get very itchy.i am taking fina 1 mg a day right now.

  7. I never had a problem with hair loss at all i ran M1D/MMv2 stack for 9 weeks and felt amazing also i was taking extra Isomer E and C with added antioxidants


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