t-911 half dose?

  1. t-911 half dose?

    I am just new to this supplement thing. Here are the goods. I am 37 and not looking to be a body builder and gain HUGE muscle mass. I just want to lose some weight and gain some muscle. I do 3 days of cardio and 2 days weights and take weekends off. I ordered t-911 more for my age factor then anything else (as I read once you reach my age getting an extra dose of test is a good thing). I was thinking of taking one tab per day Mon-Fri and weekends off. Is this ok? Would I still need to cycle this at half the recommended dose? Also, if i did cycle this would I use 'natural' test suppliments i.e. testojack 100 and tongkat ali when i finish the t-911 cycle? So much info out there that it is somewhat confusing! Maybe I should just stick to the natural supps in the first place?!!

  2. Answered you in the same thread in the 'supplement section' dude

  3. im taking T911 right now as my PCT for m1d/mmv2 cycle...which is why i clicked into your thread.

    having said that, perhaps you should do some more research on T911, because your response to CraigMatthews in your other thread that you started really just shows that you lack an understanding of the product. im not trying to be mean or anything, just honest.

    for example- you do NOT need to run PCT for T911, i.e., the test boosters afterwards that you had talked about. T911 is a natural test booster- so why would you run a test booster after having run a test booster?

    also, you mentioned acne, aggression, man boobs, etc- T911 will not cause any of that. it's not a steroid!

    lastly, i think youll be wasting your money if you dose at 1 pill/day, unless you weigh about 80lbs, then maybe that would do something for you.

    you need to be smart about what youre doing. luckily, you could take 1 or 10 T911 tabs, and i dont think it would hurt you (im not suggesting 10!). but there are things out there where higher dosages just arent a good idea for your health. with all of these things, its very important to do the research, get an understanding of whats going on, see if there are common reactions amongst other users of the product, what the common dosing is, etc. your lack of basic understanding just shows that you really didnt do that. keep in mind, with this "body" game, this isnt a sprint, its a marathon. theres no magic pill thats going to turn you from couch potato to ripped stud overnight, so you arent losing anything by waiting a few days and taking the time to find the answers, before ripping into that new supplement bottle.
  4. Talking

    Thanks Tinyrob/craigmatthew. Point taken!! There is so much conflicting info on these and many suppliments i.e. Most reccomend that you need to cycle it 4 weeks on, 4 weeks off. I did read somewhere that during your off time you need to keep your test levels from 'crashing' by taking pct supps. Some say it doesnt require pct some say this does. This is why I am confused. Also reports from people who have used this report getting gyno and acne etc. I know some would get this by stacking with other products but I am new to all of this! I believe some did report getting some of this by using this product solo. I did read all that I could on T-911 and it seems like it is one of the better products. I suppose most of the success's and failures are trial and error. I will try the 4 weeks, 7 days/week and see what happens. Love this forum guys, especially since I am learning so much!

  5. glad to help, but you still seem to have some bogus info. i googled T911 before taking it, read about it on this site and others, and i found NO, meaning ABSOLUTELY ZERO, reports of bad side effects from T911 alone. it IS NOT suppressive, meaning it DOES NOT shut your own Testosterone levels down, in fact does quite the opposite! thats why it is so good on its own or as PCT. if youre coming off of a mild pro hormone that has caused shut down, the T911 helps you get your own test levels back up to your normal levels (and perhaps beyond). and used alone, meaning not after having taken prohormones, the T911 helps to raise your own natural Test levels. once you go off T911, your test levels would just go back to what they were before T911, not plummit.

  6. i forgot to address the issue of cycling something like this. for some products, such as prohormones, one of the big reasons you want to cycle off is to get your body's hormone levels back to their natural level, so that you dont get to the point where youve been "on" so long that your natural hormone levels wont come back- leading to basically having to be "on" all the time.

    for something like T911, i think its smart to cycle it so that it continues to work at its greatest potential. you take it for X number weeks, and your body starts to get used to it and you dont really notice it doing much. you want to cycle off so that your body doesnt get accustomed to having it, so that the cycles that youre taking it are more effective.

  7. Thanks for the info! So what if you take this 2 tabs/day for 5 days a week and 2 off? Would it have the same effect as taking it 4 weeks on/4 weeks off? Then your body wouldnt get used to it and you could effectively continue this without taking 4 weeks off. Also, what would be the point of taking ANY steriod if you could increase your testosterone naturally with this product? Is it because you get more gains? Another question why aren't the natural test boosters more popular i.e. trib, tongkat ali, ZMA etc? Are they not as effective? I know t-911 has estrogen inhibitors but would taking natural test boosters with chrysin be just as effective? I know I know so many questions, but as mentioned I am a newbie!! Thanks again for the info

  8. Quote Originally Posted by protempsfish View Post
    Thanks for the info! So what if you take this 2 tabs/day for 5 days a week and 2 off? Would it have the same effect as taking it 4 weeks on/4 weeks off? Then your body wouldnt get used to it and you could effectively continue this without taking 4 weeks off. Also, what would be the point of taking ANY steriod if you could increase your testosterone naturally with this product? Is it because you get more gains? Another question why aren't the natural test boosters more popular i.e. trib, tongkat ali, ZMA etc? Are they not as effective? I know t-911 has estrogen inhibitors but would taking natural test boosters with chrysin be just as effective? I know I know so many questions, but as mentioned I am a newbie!! Thanks again for the info
    I really dont have any information for you on tribulus or tongkat ali, as ive never taken them, therefore never researched them. i take Biotest's ZMA before bed most nights- it seems to help me calm down and get to bed. i cant say that i would call it a test booster though. it more or less helps to replace some minerals that are commonly deficient in strength-training athletes (aka, people that lift weights regularly, and intelligently i would say). if i were to just casually explain to someone what ZMA does, i would probably say: "when you're working out hard, you're causing a stress on the body, and its not your time in the gym, creating the stress when you grow. your body needs to repair that stress during sleep/rest, that's when you grow. in order to rest and grow properly, you want the hormones responsible for growth at their optimal level. ZMA helps to get those hormones to their natural optimal levels. its not a steroid, and will not produce steroid-like effects."

    as far as why people take steroids, for instance- injecting testosterone, vs. simply taking legal test boosters...its a world of difference. again, this isnt something i can speak from experience about, on the side of steroids, because i have never used them. i have used a couple mild prohormones, and in fact a harsher prohormone back when i was too young to really know what i was doing or reap the full benefits...but anyway, what i can compare is my experience with the prohormones vs. what i have seen first hand in people that ive known to take steroids: i have seen guys blow the F up! there was a skinny guy in my gym, about 6 foot, 175lbs, he was in the gym for a couple months, not making any noticeable progress, then i see hes starting to get friendly with a guy that i knew took steroids. about a month after i noticed these two getting friendly, the skinny guy is now probably close to 200lbs, and looks like he has snakes running up and down his back under his shirt. fast forward about 8-9 months to now recently, saw him about 2 weeks ago, and hes like 230lbs easy. hes still not very strong, pushes 225lbs on bench press about 10-12 times, which i dont think is very strong at all for his size, but hes definitely big now. thats just one example, but ive seen it first hand at least half a dozen times where the dudes just all of a sudden start blowing up- although this guy in particular i just described i would say was the most extreme case ive seen, as he also did not put on a noticeable amount of fat. about 55lbs of mostly muscular gain in less than a year...test boosters- tribulus, T911, alpha male from Biotest, etc...none of these supplements are going to produce that kind of result, because none of them are going to boost your testosterone to the levels that they are when youre injecting it. when youre using these test boosters, they are boosting YOUR body's testosterone level, meaning your natural level. your body keeps producing its own testosterone. with steroids, your body's testosterone production will shut down- youre injecting so much test, that your body realizes it doesnt need to make its own anymore- which is why Post Cycle Therapy is always necessary after anabolic steroid cycles, and HIGHLY recommended for prohormones- but not necessary for natural test boosters- tribulus, T911, alpha male, etc. -->to sum up, injecting testosterone allows you to get a lot more test running through your body, which, more than anything else, increases protein synthesis greatly- this allows your body to take advantage of more protein, food, calories, etc, than it normally would and youll put on muscle at a much faster rate than normal. (this is not to say that steroids are magic- you must put in the hard time at the gym, the long hours with a knife and fork, and get plenty of sleep!).

    lastly, as for your questions of cycling T911 at 2/day 5 days a week, then two days off, as opposed to 4 weeks on/4 weeks off...i have mixed feelings about it. i know some other natural test boosters suggest 5 days on/2 days off...but the fact of the matter is, thats not what LG Sciences suggests on T911. i think that it would be ok, but i am not affiliated with the company by any means, and they are the ones with the research under their belts, not me. i would say that if youre using this product on its own, meaning you arent using it as PCT, then maybe you could just give it a try. try your 5 days on, then 2 days off, and see how you feel on the two days off. BUT, i still feel like youre best off running it everyday, then taking 3 weeks or so off of it, then running it full again. i think youll end up getting more bang for your buck doing it that way. my reasoning is that i dont know if that 2 days off will be sufficient to bring your body back down from the T911, in order to fully take advantage of the boost from going back on for 5 days. also, im just personally not all that comfortable with staying on something indefinitely, which is what you sound like youre looking for with the 5/2.

    i hope ive helped clear up some confusion. as to your 5/2 dosing question, its interesting, and i dont have a definite answer. i would direct that question to CraigMatthews or LegalGear via a PM. also, id be interested to see the response.

  9. That explains many things. Thanks! It gives me the creeps knowing that someone would do that to their body. I don't get why someone who spends so much time at the gym trying to improve themselves (by gaining muscle and working out) would want to effectively cheat by injecting steroids. This of course is getting off track and there is no point in holding a moral discussion!! You are probably dreading my response as it seems as though my questions never end! Is there such thing as too much natural testosterone? I have yet to receive my t-911 (I had to order it off Amazon as I live in Canada) but the only thing that concerns me is the stimulant. Taking one tab in the morning and one tab after lunch would that not affect my sleep? I did read that chrysin has a relaxing effect and i wonder if taking just the 2 tabs t-911 and then zma and chrysin before bed would be a good idea. I am currently taking a product called testojack 100 (which has tongkat ali, zma, trib)until i get the t-911 and I am noticing a small difference. I just hope that the extra test isnt turning into estrogen. I have only been on it for a week and a half so its hard to say at this point. I am feeling firmer and stronger. I have to work out before i go to work as I have wife, kid that i want to see after work and twins on the way, so going to the gym in the evening is not really an option. i wish i could spend more time with the weights but I have to get up at 6 am just to get a good workout. Anyway, thanks for the info tinyrob! I will see what i can find out about the 5 day on/2 day off.

  10. just to answer something that you asked- i have never heard of too much natural testosterone. if there were such a thing, i doubt any legal test booster would put you there. i wish i could quote some numbers for you, but i just dont know them, but theres a range of naturally occurring testosterone in adult males. in fact, i cant even recall what unit the measurement would be in, but to use some numbers PURELY AS AN EXAMPLE, lets say normal adult male range of testosterone count is between 250-500. now lets say you go to the doc's and get your Testosterone count tested and come up 300. based on these hypothetical numbers, youre within normal range, but perhaps not optimal range to grow and get stronger. T-Boosters such as T911 would work to get you closer to the higher end of the spectrum, within normal range. In fact, they may even bump you outside of normal range- im not sure about that, but i wouldnt think it would be by much if at all. then when you come off them, the worst you could really expect is just to go back to where you were before, to "300"- but youre still in normal range. keep in mind---these numbers i just made up. im sure the real numbers and unit of measurement could be found on the internet, but i dont know them offhand, and honestly, unless you plan on going to a doctor and getting an exact number, it doesnt matter other than to illustrate my point.

    as far as steroids- i know you said you dont want to start a moral debate, and neither do i. but, i think im on the other side of the fence than you- while ive never taken an illegal steroid- i tend to mean injectibles, im not particularly against them either. DONT fall into that trap that a lot of people do thinking that its cheating and this and that. i certainly understand what you mean by cheating, in that people on the roids get to experience a greater rate of growth than those of us not on them, but they do still have to put in the hard work. if you roid up and sit on the couch, not go to the gym, etc, youll likely either not gain much of anything, or youll gain some nice fat (assuming youre eating more). i honestly feel that they should be legal- people are taking them anyway! why not legalize them, so that people could at least take them under supervision of a doctor- a GOOD doctor, not the shady "doctor" they have to seek out in order to get the roids in the first place...

    ...and for the record i think marijuana should be legal too. i am not, nor have i ever been in the habit of puffing the magic dragon, but i think it is less dangerous than alcohol, yet alcohol is legal...then again, thats a waaaaaaaay different topic.

    congrats on your family and the twins on the way

  11. tinyrob has answered everything perfectly here. I would rather you ran it everyday for 4 weeks. I think this is the best way, this is mild, so really taking the 2 days off would be a waste of time and really not needed.

  12. thanks man

  13. Great info once again. I will take it as directed. I'm all for a good moral discussion every now and then! Tinyrob I agree with you on the pot smoking issue. There are far more detrimental things out there that are legal including booze. Here in Canada there was a discussion about legalizing marijuanna. Hasnt happened yet but I will bet my mortgage that it will be at some point in the near future. Canadians tend to be a tad more liberal when it comes to certain issues i.e. pot smoking, gay marriages etc. In fact I believe marijuanna IS legal but only if you are using it for medicinal purposes. People on chemo therapy for example use pot to aid in appetite stimulation. I think that the stigma attached to the steriods is the fact that competitve athletes use it to win and beat opponents who dont use it. Thus the cheating term. I guess I shouldnt be so critical for guys who use it on a recreational basis in the gym as they arent really cheating anyone but themselves. You just hear about liver and brain cancers from previous heavy steroid users and it makes you wonder why you would inject steroids and gain muscle that you could already gain without injecting. Why would you risk the health concerns that are associated with this? My point is if injecting steriods did something that couldnt already be done then why do it? But again that goes back to the point of there are worse things out there. Thanks guys! I know a few have already tracked the progress using t-911 but once I get it, I will try and do the same. Having twins will be crazy. I kind of picked the wrong time to get back into the weights but better late then never! Cheers!

  14. the thing about roids and professional sports...sooooo many more of those guys are on roids than people tend to think. in talking to friends and such, id say a lot of people think that "maybe" 20% of professional athletes are on the juice. in reality, i think youd be a lot closer on the mark to say that "maybe" 20% arent. and even that may be being a bit generous.

    ill be honest, i was never a great athlete. i dont think steroids at any point in my life would have/ would now make me a better athlete, so my thoughts that most professional athletes use steroids certainly dont stem from some deep routed jealousy. BUT ive definitely known some pretty elite athletes throughout college, and been close enough with some of them that theyve confirmed "oh yea, probably half the team's on something". so my reasoning is that if "half" of a college team is on some type of roid, and if youre talking about a really, really good team, maybe just a few of those guys have a shot at the pros, why wouldnt a person draw the conclusion that if so many team members were on roids, perhaps the star player is too...and its the star going to the "big game"...which leaves you with a professional league full of guys on roids.

    as far as roids and professional sports, like i said i think they should be legal so they can be taken as safely as possible. and i think it would level the playing field, so to speak, more than banning them, because as we see- these players are still for the most part getting away with it. weve got players getting caught now, several seasons after the fact. if they were able to get away with it for so long, what reason do we have to believe that so many others aren't and havent gotten away with it.

    i say screw it! its the big leagues! its entertainment! we watch these guys (and gals) on TV because of how well they play the game, how hard they hit, how far and often they can smash balls out of the park, the crazy hits into the boards...screw it, make them legal, at least then we'd know that no player out there has an advantage over another, other than simply being better at the game, which is the only real advantage any of us viewers want to see.

    true dat.

    by the way, you crazy canuck, my sport of choice was hockey, then i got to college and it became beer pong, flip cup, etc. now at the ripe age of 24, im content with lifting. i dont even think ive had skates on in at least 2 years now. last time was an alumni hockey game...man, when youve been off that ice for a while, its hard as hell to breathe out there! i was barely able to pull 45sec shifts!


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