whats the worst that could happen

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  1. yeah, eventually you have to stop doing that, or you end up with significant liver damage. and when they finally stop, you'll get to watch them deflate like balloons as they will not be able to hold those gains any longer.... it should be funny at the very least.

  2. hahaha...so in your opinion what is the age to do a ph i know 21 i recomended but everyoens bodys are different so what is the overall safest time

  3. anywhere after that is likely ok, its best to keep on natural with the basics of creatine, beta alanine, etc until you reach a sticking point sometime after that, run a single short cycle to break thru and then continue on natural. more than 2 cycles a year eventually becomes unmaintainable after 4-5 years.

  4. anything i can recomennd to these guys..there doing epi and phera and **** like that...more mild phs..i searched for the one that stevoph gave me but found a thread saying something about that not being able to bond and fake or something like that

  5. really its more the volume of doing it, plus the no rest to let your body stabilize that is the problem. once they've already run a few cycles of phera, the growth plates are closed and all that other negative stuff is already in play, shifting to something lighter to run the same piss poor way wont fix anything

    Look around on this board, or anywhere else for that matter. If it was that easy to just take cycle after cycle and gain 8-10lbs per cycle at 6 cycles a year like your buds are doing, then we'd have thousands of 300lb guys at 6% bf running around. And we dont...............

  6. Good advice here Easy.


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