MMV2, M1D, IGH1-PCT=Formadrol, pSARM

  1. MMV2, M1D, IGH1-PCT=Formadrol, pSARM

    Hey evryone, I didn't keep great records of my cycle, but thought I should do a review anyway. I should preface by saying that I havn't had too much experience with PHs, but I've been lifting steadily for five years or so. I took MMV2 5 pills a day and M1D 6 pills a day for six weeks. I split the IGH-1 half before my workout and half before bed. I took 1 of the 5 Masterdrol tablets and 2 of the 6 M1D with the IGH1 before bed as well. I took the rest of the MMV2 and M1D about an hour before my workout. I took NO explode about a half hour before my workout as well. for Protein I took Gold standard whey, most days 50 grams after workout and before bed. I mad sure to seperate taking the protein from the caps so they would absorb properly. I also took milk thistle and a multivitamen just to be on the safe side. For PCT I took Formadrol Extreme and pSARM by LG sciences for six weeks. I started off with a heavier dose and tappered it a little towards the end. My goal for this cycle was visible gains in lean mass and strength. I wasn't going all out for mass.
    I'm 21, 5'11'', 195lbs, and about 12 percent body fat. I didn't get my body fat percent checked before or after but I made huge gains in strength, changed about 10 lbs of fat into muscle and got noticeably bigger. I went from 215 to 245lbs on my max bench, 35 to 65lbs on military press X 6 reps, 65 to 95lbs on dumbell press X 6 reps, 35 to 45lbs on curl X 8 reps.

    Although I havn't tried very many PHs before, this was an incredible cycle and I made huge gains all the way around, much more than I ever have in this length of time before. I had tons of energy for my workout, much more than NO explode alone. The pSARM and Formadrol made me little nauseous, but was much better with a little food half an hour or so before taking the caps. I would recommend taking the full line-up, I tried MMV2 alone the cycle before this one and didn't notice much. I made very steady gains even through the PCT. I took 3 weeks off after the PCT and recently started lifting again. I was amazed at how little muscle mass I have lost since then and my strength gains were alsmost fully intact. I can't say enough about this line-up and will definately do another cycle at some point with a log to track my results.

  2. Nice review, thanks.

    I am doing the same cycle and will PCT w/Form & PSARM. I hope the gains keep coming like yours. How did you dose the M1D? I went to 4/4 with no sides other than back acne.
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by p5sky View Post
    Nice review, thanks.

    I am doing the same cycle and will PCT w/Form & PSARM. I hope the gains keep coming like yours. How did you dose the M1D? I went to 4/4 with no sides other than back acne.
    I went 4 prior to work and 3 at night, an hour or two before bed. I dropped it down to 4 prior to workout and 2 before bed. I didn't have any sides except a little joint pain. I don't really know if it was the caps though, I think the combo of bad joints to begin with and rapid increase in the amount of weight I did were more to blame. I ended up adding some fish oil to the cycle too, that helped a little.

  4. Nice review man! Appreciate it! Awesome results as well!

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