So i did not realize that due to my M1D scedhule i would only have enough for 15 days. the thing is that i have half the liquid masterdrol left but only about 6 M1D's left. i definitley cant buy another bottle due to low funds. When i run out of M1D can i just take liquid masterdrol 2x daily for 15 days then start my formadrol as suggested?? is it ok to take masterdrol w/o methyl1d? thanks so much guys i really need your help

  2. its not uncommon that users switch compounds during a cycle before starting pct so this should not be a problem.

    Liquid masterdol 2x daily should be damn amazing, be sure to use one serving preWO
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  3. thanks swolen one. so i have a cuple days left of M1D then for the last 15 days of my month long cycle ill just double my liquid masterdrol then start formudrol. you definitley calmed my nerves. thanks a ton. im also getting cutter and stronger while staying at the same weight. im throwing in a free bottle of hydroxycut that i found in my coaches drawer and on my PCT im gonna use creatine and NO.

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