Anadraulic State and Epistane

  1. Anadraulic State and Epistane

    Been on the AS for about 15 days and have really enjoyed it, good pumps and vascularity has been coming in nice, little strength gains which is why I got some epistane. Would it be alright to combine the two? or should I finish the AS and then start Epi?

  2. You could do this a few different ways. You could stop taking it until your PCT, take it during the cycle and during PCT, Or just take it through the cycle and PCT. Just depends on what you want to do.

  3. some people get chest tightness and blood pressure related sides when combing a hormone and a stimulant.

    others love the combination, its your call. Personally, Ive never had any bad sides with epistane or havoc, so you should be just fine combining the two.
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