I posted this here so you can see that non AM members take our products and love them, as many many people think AM members are supplement brand groupies. (This is not my opinion but just check the anonymous Pvssy's threads and you will see em posted all the time) I happen to rep over at a Hardcore site with a more no BULLSHYTE approach about things and they call it how they see it. SO here they go....

    well i had a lack of update the last few days..
    My bottle is gone.. i guess thats what i get for dosing 2 scoops per day, but 1 scoop per day i honestly didnt feel much.. 2 scoops get me extremely focused and awake, no hyperness no jitters, i felt great all day long, definitly noticed bodyfat reduction from this..
    I really like it I just wish I could run it longer @ 2 scoops per day..
    going to have to figure out a way to purchase one more of th ese and run it longer..

    I think this product lives up to about 80% of the hype that you guys are advertising trying to throw it up.. the energy is there, the focus is there, you DO feel a sense of well being, my cum loads are huge so i know its doing somthing there, sex drive is definitly up alot, leaning out is a plus...
    I did not notice anytrhing in terms of strength gains.. i usualy set pr's each week anyway and I havent noticed anything above normal I should say.. Vascularity is coming out more than usual as well with this
    id give it an 8 out of 10

    I definitely noticed an increase in focus without feeling like I was going hypo or getting shaky. I'm on test right now so I really can't say much for the sex drive or anything like that (we all know how that goes when on, girl gets sore). I did notice some strength gains, but again I'm ON so it's hard to say if its from this stuff. I def. like it MUCH better than any preworkout I've used in the past.

    This is just two diff views but they like AS, and wanted another bottle, as they def tell a difference when they have not used it. And really this is a great INTENSITY PRODUCT WITH NOT ALOT OF CAFFEINE!!!

  2. Thanks man!

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