update on my pct

  1. update on my pct

    Ive been takin formadrol and AD for two weeks now and love the results. I haven't lost any strength and keep getting stronger. Ive been taking two caps of form in the morning and another two about 20-30 min before workout along with the AD. Not to many stim effects and thats whats nice about taking it at night and im still getting bomb ass workouts

  2. Yea Formadrol is the real deal, its the only otc ptc i'll ever use from now on after having a few scares trying one based almost solely on resveratrol stacked with one using 6-bromo (dont wanna name any names and seem like im hating on the particular companies)

    anyway, Formadrol Extreme is a safe bet, very effective and actually less expensive than many of the other AI's out there.
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