Thinking MMV2....

  1. Thinking MMV2....

    So thinking of taking MMV2, I read most of the sticky, but sticky itself flew above my limited understanding.

    What can I expect from taking MMV2 by itself?

    here are some stats to help with your conclusion.

    lift: 3-4/wk
    2-3mi jog, 2-3/wk
    whey, creatine, NO, P.WrAAth.
    Last BF was 17% after M1d @ 161lbs.

  2. I used MMV2 during a cut and it delivered. I felt good clean energy during my workouts, no crash later on. I was able to drop about 8-10 lbs while maintaining strength until the last week as I cut cals drastically. I kept my mass pretty much, only lost 1/8 inch off my arm and that was in a cal deficit. I also noticed increased vascularity and mucle hardness.

    Now that I added in M1D I seem much fuller, I like the stack so far.
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  3. on a cut you will retain your mass and still hit personal records in the gym. On a bulk you will steadily climb the scale, and rapidly increase the weights you lift.

    This is a "dry" strength compound, not a "wet" mass compound. rehardless, muscle maturity is the best part of dry compounds besides the increases in strength, so 5lbs of lean mass often appears to be much more... in other words, expect your female friends to be complimenting on your physique.
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