1. Receptor?

    Is LG no longer producing Receptor? I didnt see it at NP or your site. Sorry if this issue has been adressed already. Thank you.

  2. yes that is the case, but I believe we will be introducing a new version of it in the near future. As for now, you can buy Anadraulic State which contains one of the key actives from Receptor alongside many other ingredients you wont find in any other preWO product.
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  3. Yep. AS includes the active, plus a few other useful ingredients.

  4. Thanks for the replies guys. Looks like I will just have to do that.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by WittyName View Post
    Thanks for the replies guys. Looks like I will just have to do that.
    You will definitely not be disappointed!

  6. Witty get AS you will not be dissappointed it is one of the few PWO formulas I have had non natty lifters give great reviews about, not to mention the Peter North Effect...


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