Methyl Masterdrol - Question

  1. Methyl Masterdrol - Question

    I have a question about people who have used this compound. How was the libido on this? Solo or with another compound, please post your feedback!

  2. Solo, libido is amazing. I have never stacked it with anything else. Yet...

  3. Hmmm. I was thinking, since it's really dry it should hurt it.. I know the Y in there must help though...

  4. How come Nutra doesnt stock MMv2?

  5. I dunno, I got it straight from LG..

  6. I havent noticed libido issues and I have been using MMV2 since Jan 1. I am cutting for the month of Jan, this is helping me maintain muscle while dropping fat . . . and its working while on a cal deficit. My waist is shrinking while arms have been constant.

    So far so good.
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  7. For me my libido is through the roof when on MMv2, likely from the Y
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  8. I used it with hdrol, and when I started the mmv2 it certainly gave me a kick in the pants! Libido went up that's for sure!

  9. ...But the question is does it last 30 days or the Y effects diminish?

    I'm getting some dhea for emergency purposes

  10. Almost all compounds kill my libido except real test, right now I am on MMv2 and M1-D and I would say the effect on my libido has been neutral, maybe dropped a little.


  11. LG guys, any word as to why Nutra doesnt carry MMv2?

  12. Quote Originally Posted by mrchristian View Post
    LG guys, any word as to why Nutra doesnt carry MMv2?
    I'm not entirely sure, I do know that there is a strong possibility that they will be carrying all our product in the very near future as said per steveoph

  13. Quote Originally Posted by mrchristian View Post
    LG guys, any word as to why Nutra doesnt carry MMv2?

    It as been stated before that unless a host (certain number) of individuals wish to purchase the item, NP would not stock it. Which is perfectly acceptable for anyone trying to run a business right now. Basically, not enough people have asked NP to stock the product, therefore they haven't. Steve has been trying to get his superiors to realize the demand for our products, which is why more of our products have been stocked at NP lately. THANKS STEVE!

    Also, I might add that some of our products are GNC exclusive for a few more months. Then and only then will we be able to offer those products to online retailers, or any other retailer besides GNC.

  14. Libido went up with my usage. Dry compounds increase my libido, for some strange reason, like MDHT I was a beast in the bedroom, and in the gym. When I went to Mexico I had some proviron, and that was throbbing fun!!!


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