receptor how long before a cycle

  1. receptor how long before a cycle

    well LG didn't let me down on MMV2 and t911 seems to be working great so i'm thinking of trying receptor before my next cycle how long before my cycle starts should i run receptor?

  2. It dont matter bro, you can take it all the way up until you start or even a couple weeks in. I dont think theres really a better way to take it as each way has its bennies.
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  3. As 3clipseGT said, either before, during or after. I ran receptor during my hdrol cycle and my results were great!

  4. yea ive always heard receptor is best used alongside an anabolic (during your cycle) and I know many even like to use it as part of their pct which is among the reasons I think many people are going to start using Anadraulic State as part of their post cycle arsenal.
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  5. Use it any time bro!!!

  6. hey mixedup, let me know how it goes, i value your opinions.

  7. Anyone have some Receptor they'd like to trade?


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