M1-D how much converts to testosterone?

  1. M1-D how much converts to testosterone?

    Considering you need supraphysiological levels of testosterone to see reasonable amount of gains......

    If M1-D only has less than 600mgs of the "anabolic agent" per optimal dosage (6 pills day). That would mean that this "anabolic agent" is more potent than the original 4-AD, that is if you were to expect gains at that dose.

    I'm not trying to start crap, I just want to understand how it could be anabolic at all.

    It seems like you'd be adding an inferior anabolic hormone compared to your bodies own testosterone, causing a suppresion that at best would be the equivelancy to that of "your own" testosterone would yeild as far as gains.

    To get a reasonable anabolic respose from the og 4-ad, you need to dose it at least at 600mgs, the more the better.

    M1-D comes in considerably less than that at optimal doses.

    And yes I'm taking into account that the added AI in M1-D is likely to cause a more succesfull test conversion.


  2. While I can attest to the power of M1D, I'll leave the technical explanation for Eric )LegalGear).

    Thanks for the intriguing question though, I'm sure Eric will give you a more than sufficient answer.
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  3. I would like to see a response to this astute question also!


  4. I let E know about this the other day, he must have missed it. I will let him know again.

  5. Well, you are looking at only one aspect of the product. Old diol products has really lousy real world results for three main reasons:

    1) Androsterones are superior to diols in my opinion and the same enzyme 3b-HSD would be involved in conversion so the 5-ene isn't really an issue at all.

    2) Diols have major routes of metabolism (as do androsterones but less binding sites) such as sulfation and glucoronidation that occur all over the body, but certainly the gut. Methyl 1-D contains very potent inhibitors of both, which would greatly increase the overall effect.

    3) Methyl 1-D blocks other routes of metabolism (aromatase, 5aR, 11b-HSD)

    4) Methyl 1-D contains ingredients that upregulate the amount of 3bHSD,4-5 isomerase.

  6. Thank you.

  7. So at equal doses, M1-D is stronger than 4-AD?

  8. I would say absolutely... 4-AD was never really that good except for one product.

  9. I would say that M1D is stronger that 4-AD just due to the fact you are getting more active because the stomach is not breaking it down like what happens to other PH's.


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