methyl 1-d vs methyl masterdrol v2

  1. methyl 1-d vs methyl masterdrol v2

    im looking for as little side effects as possible even if the results arent as good.

    as a first time pro hormone user which one would you suggest with that being said?

  2. Depends on what type of results you are looking for. M1D could be considered more of a bulking type supp, where MMv2 would be more of a recomp/hardening formula. Regardless of which one you chose, you probably will see very little, if any side effects. How does your diet look, and what are your goals?

  3. As a first time user I suspect you want mass, additionally, youve mentioned safety.

    With the goal of mass, being a PH rookie, and looking for maximum safety I would absolutely go for M1D.

    Once you have a cycle of that under you belt, along with a proper pct, then I would go ahead and "graduate" to MMv2 and perhaps stack it with a "wet" PH such as Dermacrine.

    Also, as a first time PH user, you may not know a lot about post cycle therapy, but we make that aspect of the cycle VERY easy. Using Formadrol Extreme following your M1d (or MMv2) cycle will rebound your natural testosterone production back to normal.

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