First Impressions of BC+EAA

  1. First Impressions of BC+EAA

    Just wanted to drop a quick "Thanks" to LG Sciences for the awesome promo, and the New BC+EAA product. The discount was sweet and the free shirt was awesome!!

    Mixability: Threw it in my blender bottle, and gave it a couple quick shakes and all was good. Foam was pretty much non-existent, and there really wasn't any flakes/floaters left.

    Taste: Great, no complaints here at all. Not super sweet, and that's great. Taste was great without being overpowering, and didn't leave a bad aftertaste in my mouth.

    Results: I've had the pleasure of only using this product once, but I can see it being a long lasting relationship. I mixed it with a scoop of glycomaize, like I did with Xtend, and sipped it during my workout. I'm happy to report that it performed a tad better for me than Xtend did, but I didn't get as much of a pump, but then again, it doesn't have any citruline mallate in, so no biggie.

    Conclusion: I can see this being a staple of mine for many workouts to come, as it's everything I want from a product. Good work LG Sciences, and thanks again!!

  2. Thumbs up

    Awesome, thanks for the feedback, I foresee it becoming a staple on many of the forums!

  3. it is a nice solid product. It is nothing crazy, but it has just what you might want in a staple. I have my two other ones on the way
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  4. Yeah, it's pretty good. Wish it didn't have any artificial sweeteners in it, as I try my best to avoid them, but no real biggie. I definitely prefer it now over Xtend. Mixed with some carbs, it really completes an already solid supp.

  5. Thanks for the review man

  6. Sure thing, no worries. Always happy to post up some good news when I try something that works, and I like it.

  7. Big thanks for sure for throwin up that review! Seems like the general concensus is that this product is a winner!

    Erics been hard at work for sure to bring everyone kick ass products, and rep or not I must say im impressed!

    Can't wait for the rest of the killer products to hit the market! Yall are gonna love LG if you already don't!
    E-Pharm Rep... PM me with any questions or concerns

  8. Yeah LG has some sweet stuff on the way!


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