LG Sciences BCAA/EAA Review

  1. LG Sciences BCAA/EAA Review

    Just got in my new LG BC/EAA and here is my review:

    Taste 9/10- I really like the taste and its milder then xtend by a long shot. It taste more like flavored water then artificial sweetener like xtend/

    Mixing 10/10
    - It foams up a little bit but there are no clumps or white pieces floating at the top.

    Smell 10/10- This stuff smells so good you want t0 stick a sugar stick in it and slurp it off like in little league as a kid.

    Overall- This is a great product and will become my staple amino acid drink. I look forward to new flavors but the Blue Raspberry is a hit! Great product LG!

  2. Thanks for the review bro! I also like how it doesnt burn going down like Xtend sometime does!
    E-Pharm Rep... PM me with any questions or concerns

  3. What flavor is this product? I want to order it but I want to know the flavor . . . I HATE lemonade

  4. Blue Raspberry ................

  5. Nice review man! Appreciate it!

  6. Doesn't it smell good? Seriously it makes me drool. Taste isn't as good as the smell, but still pretty good considering.

  7. the smell is amazing, when I fill my nalgene in the morning I smell it multiple times.


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