1. Update

    Well its been 12 days since new stack was started. See previous for all the details. Basically nothin yet, not like last time with Liquid Mas. Replaced the the Liquid with MMV2, before wo. Having a few stomach issues with it and cold fusion. Thinking about moving the timing and uping dose.
    Liquid MAS really fired me up and had noticable aggresion in gym, but this time nothing. Need a little extra guidence.

  2. How many mmv2's are you dosing per day? What is your weight and training experience?

  3. taken 4 20 mins prior to wo. Very experienced in gym, just not with all the supplements. tried similiar stack but with the liquid mas several months ago and had great results. this was taken pre wo as well. 6' 217# age is up there 36. any help you may have would be great.

  4. Lil help!! Still not feelin alot, should I try bumpin up dose. Only thing that seems good is recovery.

  5. Hey man, I'm just off to a meeting but when I get back I will answer your question ASAP.

  6. Ok, as for the stomach issues possibly take the mmv2 with a small meal (banana etc). I find taking them with something light doesn't affect the product.

    Also perhaps try and take the mmv2 more like 40-60min pre workout. Since it is pills it will take longer to absorb and possibly you are taking them to close to your workout. The liquid version obviously is absorbed quicker.

    So try taking it 40min pre workout with some food. What I have been doing is taking 2 when I wake up and 2 pre workout, that seems ot be working well. But try taking 4, 40minutes pre and hopfully that will get things rolling.

  7. Thanks for reply and will do, sorry for sounding frustrated. Think I just had an estrogen spike. Ill give it a try.

  8. one additional how do u work in cold fusion 40 mins prior, think thats where my stomach problems are comin from.


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