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    I was wondering what the half life of m1d and mmv2 are?

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    I was wondering what the half life of m1d and mmv2 are?
    m1d as a guestimate I would say 4-6 hours, and mmv2 is laregely unknown, LG can once again chime in here with extra information.

    If you are looking for increased aggression, take a larger dose pre workout, if you just want constant anabolism, spread the dosages out evenly.

  3. I would have to look it up to be honest... Is it really critical that you know? I will tell you the stupid things we do, when we formulate we find all of these cool papers (Seth and I) and we get all keen on them, make the formulations and never really save or categorize the papers. So, much of our initial data is somewhere on a computer in a file or printed in a pile. When someone asks "how do you know X is..." we can't for the life of us find the papers right when we need them.

  4. no its not that important no need to look into it if its going to be hard to find. i was just wanting to learn all i could about these two before using.

  5. I know, I am going to start indexing my papers. My PHD is really good about that...

    I lost on on Formadrol that was amazing, showing EpiAndrosterone not being an anti-e and Androsterone being one, which was the basis for their inclusion in MMv2 and Formadrol respectively... I have to start saving them!



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