Please Help, Is it safe to stack MMV2 or M1-D with Mass Fx??

  1. Please Help, Is it safe to stack MMV2 or M1-D with Mass Fx??

    I just got some Mass Fx and Hyperdrol X2 and I've used Methyl 1-D before and liked my strength gains, I was wondering is it safe to stack Methyl Masterdrol V2 or Methyl 1-D with either of the two?????

    -also, I've never tried MMV2, but i wanted to know, which is better for strength and endurance gains: Methyl 1-D or Methyl
    Masterdrol V2???

    -I have a competition coming up and I'd REALLY appreciate any advice, thanks

  2. Should be ok to take them together.

    MMv2 is better for strength and endurance.

  3. thanks for the advice, i'm going with MMV2

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