Can't wait startinv MMV2

  1. Can't wait startinv MMV2

    Well I can't wait after reading many good things I am going to be starting my mmv2 tonight. my cycle is under time for another cycle in the steroid forum. I am going to be substituting the MMV2 in for my M-Trn because honestly i know how my body reacts to TRN and it reacts really good and I am down to my last bottle so I want to conserve if possible lol. But MMV2 sounds like it will do exactly what I need and if so i will probablly do a mmv2 trn combo in the future. Being a new compound I am going to start at 3 pills and bump if necessary. I am on a cut/recomp and diet and cardio are on point. Also have many years of A.S. so I am in tune with my body and it's changes so i'm pretty sure i'll be able to tell if it's the MMV2 kicking or not. but I am going to run it solo for this first run just so I can be sure how it's working. the only exception is I will stay on s drol for the next two days just so the mmv2 has a little time to get into my system wish me luck

  2. Ok took 3 caps last night the only only substance being used will be lipo 6

  3. ok day 3 can i say WHOA. I don't know if i can contribute it all to the MMV2 but i took 2 caps 11:45am then my usual 2 caps of Lipo 6 at 12.30pm went for my 1pm work out and I did 32 minutes on the treadmill at and avg HR of approx 150 that puts me at 80% of HR and I felt like i could keep going i even cooled down did some abs and then did another mile on the cycle to stretch my knees out. this is my last day on s-drol so it will be mmv2 stand alone lets see how it goes.

  4. question maybe a rep or another user can answer. reading the ingredients i'm not sure why i seem to be having an extra boost of energy not that its a bad thing.

    Also are most peoples libidio up on this because mine has been way up the last few days. My wife even asked if I was pinning again lol

    morning hard cardio 30min (road work)
    afternoon cardio fat burning ( road work) 35 min

    Day 4 3 caps

  5. Day 5
    45min cardio on the tread mill great work out this really gives extra energy I took it an hour before my work out. I think I am going to start taking about 1.15min before my work out because the energy really kicked in about 10 minutes into my cardo.

  6. mmv2 has yohimbie in it thats why u get the energy boost i took it for the 4 week ultimate stack cycle and had absolutly no results hope it works for you

  7. Quote Originally Posted by lindo View Post
    mmv2 has yohimbie in it thats why u get the energy boost i took it for the 4 week ultimate stack cycle and had absolutly no results hope it works for you

    Hope so to. I'll keep everyone updated since i've run winny, var and Halo ( real Halo not H-drol) multiple times I'm sure i'll be able to tell how close it is. If it gives Hardening anything close to Halo I'll be very very happy
    but then again i also have over 15 years of experience so my diet and training is on point which counts for alot supps, juice etc can only due so much

  8. day 6 on the mmv2 this is the first day since i been on it that I hit the weights. Well I did Friday but since my first dose was wed night after lifting I thought Friday was a little too early so today was chest and Strength was up and good weight and reps were up from last week and felt fairly easy.

    Cardio again was great did 25min at 152 avg hr and then did a nice 15min cool down session at 143avg hr Arms tomorrow.

  9. Day 7 bi's and tri's very nice workout
    i was up in weight on all exercises and feeling pretty strong. I got a pretty good pump also which i don't ususally get that great on tri's.

    Cardio 25min at 142hr 1.59 mile
    12.25min at 160hr .91 mile total
    total 2.5miles
    can't say enough about the energy i am getting I feel it's got to be more than just the yohimbe as i've had yohimbe in all my fatburners.

    But so far so good I am definetly into this hope it stays this way or gets even better

  10. ok since i'm not getting to much feedback here i won't be keeping up this log i'll just keep up my one original log in the other forum.

  11. Mixedup, can you post a link to your other log. I will like to follow it. I have been thinking about trying MMV2.


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